Modern design rugs: the news for 2022

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Forget the idea of ​​the classic rug, which in a more or less gentle way serves as a background for the interior elements. The new hyperdecorative rugs they are anything but subdued, but fairly ready to undermine the aesthetic boundaries of tradition with symmetries, contrasts, designs, and irregular shapes that outline a futuristic design. Relentlessly, they walk the path of the experiment and show versatile and energizing suggestions in a surprisingly harmonious and light-hearted dialogue with the various spaces of the house. Not only do patterns, colors and lines flow in a perennial movement, but visual suggestions disrupt and play with perceptions generate optical illusions, parallel worlds, so much so that they transport the two-dimensional surfaces into the third dimension. On the border of art, they appear as abstract paintings that reveal something different at each glance. This is the reason why one bypasses the concept of static, ie modern designer rugs they assume an exact identity and physicality, and for this reason they are also rejected in wall hangings to emphasize their presence. In addition to getting into the kitchen and bathroom with their peculiarities. Bold, excellence in weaving, however, always remains, with unique top-level productions that do not forget the most valuable qualities of the raw materials and the value of the handmade.

Jov – Landscapes

jov - landscapes

Athos Burez

Made exclusively by hand in Europe, created by Studiopepe, the company’s new artistic director, Jov’s Landshapes collection breaks the concept of the rug as a static element and also brings it to the wall as well as to the floor. Landshapes was born during the lockdown – tell the founders of the studio – and this extreme need for freedom without patterns and contact with a clean environment is reflected in this collection. Here we are inspired by nature, moved by a very deep need for symbiosis with itself; the soft and twisted lines are reminiscent of the idea of ​​wild nature that envelops you like a mother’s belly, like a river bend or a meadow of tall grass. “Landshapes are made with a new quality of Merino wool mixed with Mohair, along with other materials such as Belgian linen, Tencel Lyocell, natural wool / silk and New Zealand wool.

antoniolupi – Bind

antoniolupi - bind

Courtesy Photo antoniolupi

Optical and three-dimensional effects: Volume is the collection of 25 blankets created by the collaboration between antoniolupi and Rubber design, where oblique lines define new perspectives and geometric backgrounds convey a sense of movement and depth. The black and white colors combined with a touch of terracotta red define a balance between full and empty, light and dark, of thin parallel or perpendicular lines outlining well-defined areas with different dimensions. They adapt to extremely different environments and styles: from the bathroom to the living room, from the entrance to the bedroom.

Atelier Tapis Rouge – Electric

studio treadmill - el


It is inspired by the spectrum of natural light, Elettrico, la carpet collection completely hand-knotted gemstones by Atelier Tapis Rouge, which also in this case implements a production process of the highest value. Elettrico is actually the synthesis between the ancient know-how art of the Nepalese masters and a modern design that offers a sensory adventure, made of the geometry of space, tone, rhythm, composition and fabric. A philosophy that has led to several international awards.

Carpet Edition – The Floor Is Lava

carpet floor is lava

Courtesy Photo Carpet Edition

Designed by PLACéE for Carpet Edition, The Floor Is Lava is a collection of 6 models of modern rugs which interprets the earth’s metamorphosis deformed and shaped by the slow passage of glowing lava in a pop and two-tone key. The texture seems to melt from the extreme heat through an effect created with broken and shaped lines. The energy of the magma is expressed by vibrant and intense colors borrowed from nature, such as the warm red-orange from the Fire Line model or the ash-like charm from the Lava Line and Carbon Plain rugs. But the color palette also extends to lighter shades that come from the gaming and digital worlds, such as greenback green, neon blue and orchid pink in the Deep Mint Line, Eolian Blu Plain and Pink Orchid Plain models. All made from New Zealand wool and Tencel with the hand tufting technique.

cc-tapis – Le Tapis Nomade

cctapis the nomadic tapis

Mattia Greghi

Le Tapis Nomade is a collection that incorporates different cultures and cinematic references, a synthesis of the essence of cc-tapis, a production brand, and Atelier de Troupe, a creative studio. In fact, the nomadic aesthetics and references to the film meet the Berber rugs The passenger by Michelangelo Antonioni from 1975. Le Tapis Nomade is designed for all interior spaces, available in three different colors – gold, forest and sand – and is made with an eco-sustainable approach at all stages of production: from the hand spinning of the softest Himalayan wool to the use of purified rainwater for washing the final products.

TSAR Rugs – Passage Collection

tsar rugs passage collection

Courtesy Photo TSAR Rugs

Made by TSAR Carpets in collaboration with architect Brooke Aitken, the Passage Collection is a series of luxury rugs hand tufted, made to measure, inspired by the concept of passing time. A variety of evocative graphic patterns and lines enhanced by the use of intense colors, such as midnight blue or rusty dawn-red, convey the way natural light changes from day to night, season after season, and also bring status with it. to these distinct moments in time. Passage Collection is thus made in six different models – day, night, winter, spring, summer and autumn – with a distinct use of the texture according to the season. For example, the ring pile of autumn and winter rugs gives a textured feeling underfoot and a feeling of warmth and comfort. The 100% New Zealand wool mixed with reflectors by Tencel in the summer rug gives a sparkling effect reminiscent of the intense light of the warm months.

Matteo Pala – Fantastic works

matteo altarpiece wonderful works

Courtesy Photo MM Company

They seem real art to hang on the wall the four blankets which forms the Opere Fantastici capsule collection, designed by MM Company for Matteo Pala. The 4 models celebrate Venice on the occasion of its 1600th anniversary of its founding and take a conceptual approach to the architectural styles that characterize Serenissima. Perspective compositions achieved not only with a sophisticated and minimalist color palette, but also through different heights of the fleece to highlight the disappearing lines and the feeling of depth. Completely hand-knotted by experienced Indian artisans who follow centuries-old techniques and use the finest quality materials such as New Zealand wool and silk.

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