Interior design 2021: August 5 trends

For those returning from vacations and for those who decide not to leave, summer season it is always a source of desire for renewal, even within the walls of the house. And not only for those who are thinking of renovating, but also for those who want to bring new to the decor with small touches of restyling.

Among the trends that arise in the interventions of architects and interior designers can be found inspirations And ideas to copy or just to find enthusiasm for a little change.

For the month of August, in addition to evergreen elections, valid for the whole year such as suspended lamps on the bedside table in the bedroomsee Venetian plaster as coverage of the house’s space, even choices in connection with the holiday period such as multicolored glasses on the table, the hammocks to put inside the house and it maskswhether it is travel souvenirs or modern design projects, to decorate the walls.

Photo by Monica Spezia

We are used to seeing them in the living room, but the lamps coming down from the ceiling, with theirs vertical profiles and innate elegance. they give a modern and refined decorative touch when placed over the bedside tables

This type of lighting, thanks to its very vertical configuration, is extremely suitable to be combined with night table. A kind of cylindrical space is created with great harmony, a conformity that must be highlighted and accompanied by finding the right connections between shapes, materials and colors.

5 stucco-veneziano-colors_live-cures

It falls into the category of “lime products” and is made from a mixture of lime mass consisting of air lime and water, with the addition of marble dust. The final rendering of the Venetian plaster is a surface bright, smoothbut with a small soothing effect, given to the spatula. Its finish encloses the rooms with elegance and is suitable for walls, ceilings, frames and moldings.

A rich and enveloping material that needs to be lightened in the final context, perhaps by choosing a palette of neutral colors And natural to combine particularly well with tone-on-tone furniture and parquet of any kind.


Hammocks inside the house

We are used to always seeing them outside, especially drawn between two palm trees on the shore of some dream beach. But it happens to find hammocks even in the home, where it brings a touch of informalityas well as an opportunity to relax exotic taste.

This furniture, which was soon borrowed from the outdoor world, also meets the idea of ​​nomadic furniture that is able to adapt to a home in continuous transformation. And if you imagine indoor hammocks Since an extra bed for a surprise guest can seem like a real gamble, it is not that difficult to use it instead of a chaise longue in environments with few square meters available.

Photo by Isabella Magnani
Photo by Isabella Magnani

Masks on the wall

The theme for maybe it is present in many cultures of the world. From classic African specimens to more home grown ones like Venetian masks to the carnival. But this object, always full of charm, quotes and history, finds different current interpretations in the hands of some of today’s hottest designers, such as Jaime Hayon And Elena Salmistraroto name two.

This object, which therefore spans from the collector’s piece to souvenir discovered in some holiday, it becomes a perfect decoration for the walls of the house, to be mixed with the more classic or even as a single piece for home corners, perhaps in mating with a wall lamp or over a console, as if it were a small sculpture.

Stained glass

They are a delight to the eye all year round, but especially in summer they bring stained glass Colour And lethed (without losing sight of the elegance) on the table. An accessory that even by mixing shapes and colors becomes central to the idea of mix & match especially for decorating a lunch, but also during a dinner, reflections and transparencies are always fascinating.

The ways of a full-color set are different, they range from solid-colored, useful if the rest of the table varies in themes and decorations, or to chromatic composition with glasses in different colors or even choosing multicolored glasses for a set in rainbow style.

jjmartin colored glasses
Rainbow glass set from La DoubleJ


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