Giannelli (ANP): give schools the right to hire, competitions do not select. Yes to in-service teacher training [INTERVISTA]

“We have to decide which teachers and which school we want for our country. If we want teachers with specific requirements, then we must carefully select them and follow them over time with ongoing training. If this does not interest us, then it will mean that the draw is also fine ‘.

The president of the National Association of Principals, Antonello Giannelli, is corrosive. Like everyone else, he is awaiting the issuance of a DPMC to know the details of the new teacher recruitment and training system, which will translate the guidelines of the Decree-Law issued on 1 May 2001 into practice and send teachers to fibrillation and their unions. .

And yet, that decree presents content that, according to the president of the NPC, is “elements of undoubted interest.”

Among the most positive innovations “, he explained in a press release,” I would like to point out the introduction of a university and academic course in basic education and qualification, which should establish the teachers’ ability to ‘design flexible training courses adapted to students’ skills and talents , to be promoted in the school context in order to promote critical and conscious learning and pupils’ acquisition of skills “. of the original, under an integrated system aimed at bringing new teaching methods, language and digital skills “.

President Antonello Giannelli, are there two good things in this decree that are causing the school world to discuss?

“I notice some positive elements, other issues need to be reviewed. And then we await the issuance of dpcm to know the details. As for the positive elements, the most important is the attention to the recruitment of teachers who are able to motivate the students. Students’ motivation is the real cornerstone of the school system, as we are not motivating them right now. It is therefore necessary to change the didactic approach. And it is a good thing that this issue is mentioned in the decree. As far as education is concerned, I also think that the adaptation of the upper secondary school system to the primary school system is positive. After which all other judgments shall be suspended until the issue of dpcm “.

On the other hand, he does not agree with the centralized management of competitions

“People want to continue to manage competitions centrally, at regional or interregional level, according to a model that has always proved to be a failure rather than conferring competence on the educational institutions. For some time we have been asking for a change in recruitment in this sense, but from this point of life we ​​see no news. Competition is an aspect that can be criticized. I insist: the system of central control of the competitions has proved to be a failure because it is not possible to control the numbers. Every year about 30,000 teachers retire, but then you can not pass a competition for 30,000 new hires, or at least you can not guarantee that every year there is a competition for 30,000 hires and in fact we have a growing vacancy, we are arrived to have over 200,000 deputies. On the other hand, we have seen that competitions assess the concrete performance knowledge about the subjects, but we never worry about selecting professionals who have the right motivation. It’s about selecting people who are able to motivate the students, and instead we select them based on what they have learned. “

What is the alternative?

“The alternative is to attribute the recruitment faculties to the schools. This is not to say that competitions are not going well, but there is a need for competitions that are different from how they have been so far. We can not continue like this because it is a failure. The competitions are based on multiple choice choices. We need to decide which teachers we want: If we want teachers with specific requirements, we need to select them carefully and follow them with ongoing training. If this does not interest us, well, then it will mean that the draw is fine too. On the other hand, I think the quality of education should be of interest to everyone. Education is one of the fundamental aspects of the country. I hope dpcm will remember the needs of the school, but I want to be clear: the percentage of GDP dedicated to the school since last Def is insufficient. The percentage of school spending in European countries is 5 percent of GDP, with peaks of 8 and 9 percent in the northern European countries. If politics believes in what it says, that is, that school is important for the relaunch of the country, then it must increase investment. For it is not an expense, it is an investment “.

How does the school get out of the pandemic?

“With a sense of confidence in the future. There are conditional decisions that are questionable, in relation to the leadership of unvaccinated teachers who are going to be in teaching after April 30. Let’s say that certain decisions would have deserved a different timing to ensure clearer needs management.No matter how we get out of it, we finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.However, we would like a school more politically considered, but that is not the case.After hearing the policy confirm, that the school is fundamental, then I think that the percentage of expenditure in relation to GDP that Def has reserved for the school is disappointing ‘.

What, if any, more resources would they earn, in your opinion?

“For school buildings, above all because the financing of school buildings from NRP is not enough. In addition, the staff, both the teaching staff and the Ata staff, must be retrained. There are many Ata employees who do not know how to perform their work, along with those who know how to do well and who have been involved in new tasks. The fact that, for example, school partners can go to work in the secretariats and then not know how to do Pon, accounts, social security positions or career rebuilding … that’s not good. I repeat: I do not mind that a school employee can go to be an administrative assistant. But he has to prove he knows how to do it. And of course I’m thinking of adjusting the salaries of all employees. For those who work hard, the current wage is shockingly inadequate. There are different obligations and everyone must have a salary that takes into account the different commitment made available to the school. I do not expect all teachers to stay in school all day, but if anyone does, it must be paid, as they do so for the sake of a missionary spirit. In other words, more additional pay and, of course, an increase in the general salary for everyone ”.

Let us return to the decree: a new system of ongoing teacher education is emerging which is of concern to interested parties and irritates trade unions.

“I have always assumed that education is important and that it must take place outside working hours, as is also provided for in the school’s national agreement. And I remember that training and updating are not included in the 40 plus 40 hours ”.

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