From Lecce begins the tourism culture of the Pugliapromo

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The first of six events that will affect all of the Apulian provinces begins Friday, May 6, from Lecce. It will be a traveling trip to write together the future of tourism and culture in Puglia called “Puglia365 – Towards the new strategic plan”. The Culture Tourism Tour, organized by AReT Pugliapromento and the Culture Tourism Department of the Puglia region, represents the continuation of the activities of the Strategic Tourism Plan launched in 2016, leading to a new vision for this sector, worth 11% of Apulia’s GDP and fully includes culture.

The first of the six events will take place on Friday, May 6 from 6 p.m. 10 to 13 at the Castromediano Museum in Lecce, in Viale Gallipoli 31, with the participation of the President of the Puglia region, the Puglia region tourism councilor, the regional councilor responsible for culture, from the director of the cultural tourism department Aldo Patruno, from the director general of AReT Pugliaprom Luca Scandale.

“Puglia of Tourism and Culture is moving towards the goal of 2030, where there will be a new vision and new scenarios – says the President of the Puglia region – the launch pad will be the three-year period 2023-2025, which we are preparing to program on a bottom-up way: listen to the territories, the operators and then move on to drawing up a strategic plan for tourism and a strategic plan for culture that is widely shared.I am very proud of this path that is about to begin in “Lecce, and which will lead us to all the provinces, because tourism and culture are above all an expression of the quality of life in an area. Puglia is an authentic marvel”.

“What we are experiencing is a year of restarting tourism in Puglia, but it is also an important opportunity to improve the transition to an updated and modern strategy for tourism with the operators of the sector and local communities – emphasizes the Puglia Region Councilor for Tourism A strategy that, on the one hand, considers the new needs of non-pandemic travelers, such as the demand for greater sustainability of the experience, on the other hand the ability of our wonderful region to surprise with its unexplored destinations and present itself in the Italian. and the international market in an increasingly attractive way.Puglia Destination has grown significantly in recent years in the wake of the goals of the Puglia365 Strategic Plan, and we want to continue, in the varied proposal of tourism products, to improve positive trends through constant teamwork With the trip in the Apulian provinces, we present the actions and investments that characterized the first 6 years of planning: a look at the path taken as a starting point for designing a common and competitive future for the offering of the Puglia brand. “

The 6 stages in 6 provinces will be, after that in Lecce on 6 May, 27 May in Foggia, 10 June in Bari, 17 June in Taranto, 30 June in BAT and the last event on 8 July in Brindisi. The tour Turismo Cultura aims to tell what has been done to illustrate how Pugliapromento and the Puglia region see each of the 6 provinces with their potential. Based on all this, by listening to the territory, a path to conscious redesign will be launched, which will be implemented in the years 2023-2025. The meetings of the six provinces represent an important moment of confrontation with the operators of the sector, also in the light of the changes due to these two years of pandemic – declares the member of the Regional Council responsible for culture – the integration between the Puglia region’s vision for promotion and cultural “offers, differentiated according to the needs of each area, with the needs of private operators are becoming increasingly important. Only with a work of participation and sharing will we be able to systematize all the proposals that will arrive during the stages of this itinerary journey”. “After two very long years of world pandemic, which affected tourism and culture more than any other sector, we are starting in earnest again – says Aldo Patruno, director of the tourism and culture department in the Puglia region. Not just by continuing where we left off in 2019 – a record year for the 2 sectors in terms of incidence on regional GDP, added value, arrivals and attendances, internationalization, growth in the number of SMEs and employees, but by relaunching and trying to get Puglia to take another leap in the direction of service qualification and professionalism, building integrated networks between operators, developing a new and more advanced business culture in both sectors. citizens’ quality of life – whether permanent or temporary (tourists / visitors) – as a basic condition for making Puglia increasingly beautiful, habitable e and attractive locally and globally. ” This comprehensive listening action is called “3x6x5” and is inspired by “Puglia 365”, the strategic tourism plan for the Puglia region. Each of these numbers has a specific meaning: There will be 3 months to plan, 6 stages to confront, 5 areas to explore. “To visually characterize the name, the use of the” x “sign is a sign that refers to the multiplier force in the participatory process, a method that allows you to multiply ideas, suggestions and results that will develop during the meetings in all de Provinser “, says Luca Scandale’s Director General of Puglia Profotion.

Friday, May 6 at 10-13 at the Castromediano Museum in Lecce, speakers and stakeholders will discuss tourism united with culture based on the already known strategies. For tourism, the reference will be to 5 technical areas, which are: communication, promotion, hospitality, innovation, product. There are also 5 tourist products grouped as follows: art and traditions, food and wine, sports, nature, wellness, sea and sailing, MICE and weddings. For culture, the 5 themes will be Product, Identity, Innovation, Business, Work or Piiil Piano Cultura in Puglia, an important short-, medium- and long-term planning tool divided into 5 sectors or publishing, audiovisual, cultural heritage, visual arts and design , live entertainment. For info

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