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While there is also discussion in our province about the school’s ability to fulfill its role as a basic educational requirement for a society that has been in serious crisis after two years of pandemic, there are those who have taken this basic commitment to the extreme. seriously.

With the school year not yet over, at Kindergarten and Primary School by “Convitto Provvidenza – International School Bra” has long been working to be found ready for the agreement already set for next September 1st.

On that date, approximately ten days before the start of the new school year at schools across the country, the department will, as always, start activities aimed at the more than 120 children attending it. the various classrooms inside the prestigious premises of the elegant eighteenth-century complex on the corner of via Provvidenza and via Vittorio Emanuele. A beginning that tradition believes will take place after the very specific desired prerogatives under the direction of the Department led by Professor Carmine Maffettone.

The first of these concerns the teaching staffwhose education is already fully defined also for the new school year with confirmation of the qualified staff this year applicable at the peer institution.

While children leaving kindergarten they will be expected as early as June for a one-week deployment aimed at starting the knowledge of teachers and classmates, from the first teaching day in september, students from the different year groups on the course will find everything they need on their desk – from the different textbooks to the diary that passes through the clothes – to immediately start the different activities envisaged by a modulated school program at a time always from the first day, it will also allow for pre-hours, canteen and after hours to meet families’ work needs.

Another basic fix point in the education offer to Providence is what it is all about the many activities that accompany lessons and workshops, strongly based on the study of language and open to the first important experiences of musical practice;.

Continuing the path that many of the students have already started in the bilingual kindergarten, in fact, the study of English, French and Spanish is included in the first two years of Primary.

Likewise, the strengthening of the proposal regarding the study of the seven banknotes in the light of what has already happened this school year will continue under the guidance of master Christian Alasia: a specificity that makes Providence the first school in the province – and among the first in Italy – to suggest the music speech from the primary schoolwith the aim of giving students useful ideas to encourage their first musical expression, useful to stimulate their creativity.

A path that will predict over the years of children and families the choice of tools – from flute to guitar, from piano to violin – which the former will gradually apply to also thanks to individual lessons that will complement each week’s groupsjust like it happens in higher class music schools.

Before September, the employment is therefore the 3rd week of June, where from Monday the 13th to Friday the 17th for the upcoming 1st grade there is a deployment moment in the Folkeskole.

“The children – explains Professor Carmine Maffettone, director of the department – they will be our guests to meet the teachers and classmates they find in September and to do some playful and fun activities with them. It’s a good habit we’ve had for some years now. The aim is to allow a gentle, gradual, tension-free introduction. After the week in June, when he began to get to know the school, the child will spend the summer not with the fear of entering a reality he does not know, but with the calm of returning in September to an environment that has already become to. experience. This initiative, like all the activities that our school proposes, puts the child at the center of attention. We have noticed that it is especially valued by families, in a delicate moment, such as the beginning of a new cycle of studies “.

For information on registration, phone 0172 / 412.454 (secretary hours 7.30-18); mail info@convittoprovvidenza.it; website www.convittoprovvidenza.it.

[Il corpo docenti della Scuola Provvidenza]


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