Establishment of schools for refugees from Ukraine, the case of Belgium

The training, education and programs planned for Ukrainian students have been interrupted by terrible military action taking place on the nation’s soil, forcing hundreds of thousands of civilians to desperately flee to EU borders in search of stability and relatively short-lived peace. to flee from attack according to the logic of an emigration that seems endless, at least for the moment. The students found themselves without teachers, without intellectual guides, without references and texts with a disorientation that they had never experienced before. The goal of the European institutions and not only formally is to guarantee continuity, preferably with teachers in 4 Ukrainian languages, a pure didactic continuity to avoid a frustrated school year if it was already added to the DDA and closed schools in the country experienced during the sanitary emergency. In this regard, Belgium’s case is not currently at EU level: a school created specifically for Ukrainian children has been launched in Brussels to help students from refugee families continue their learning interrupted by the ongoing conflict in the mother country.

Vesna“: We hope for a” spring “with peace and education for Ukrainian children

But the new multilingual school is free Vesna, founded by Maria Smirnova, a woman living in the Belgian capital with Russian and Ukrainian roots, aims to help children pass and become better integrated into Belgian and European society. Helena Shvab, mother of Dima, 14, and Maxim, 6, argue for the microphones of Euronews than bringing his children to school Vesna in Brussels it gave her a new sense of hope. “I think that [questa] the chance is excellent because they can not really find friends of the same age “Shvab explained. “Dima would not leave the house and Max would not play with children who only speak French. He is afraid. He said: “I do not understand anything”. The times, the refugees claim, will also be difficult for Salliann McAlpnine, a volunteer English teacher at the school. He pronounced one Euronews that it also becomes important to deal with the emotional distress of its students.“A student walked into the classroom – with a visible mouthpiece – and his mother told me he was very scared because he could hear the planes and was reminded of what was happening in his hometown.”said McAlpine. “What happened then was … we were sitting on the floor and I think it was starting to open up. We were just having a chat. But the mother looked around and said, yeah, this could be a safe place. It was a bit shocking. “ School children Vesna they will learn in Ukrainian, but will also have the opportunity to interact in other local languages. Two other similar schools are also popping up in Paris.


How is Italy used?

95,000 people arrived in Italy from Ukraine, including 49,000 women, 35,000 minors and 11,000 men, given that physically fit people were involved in the general draft to counter Russian operations on Ukrainian territory. For whole families, accommodation, meals, churches and places of worship were provided, as well as generic environments obtained by the conversion to another purpose of disused structures or in another state. For the time being, the intention – or the need – exists in the beautiful country to ensure the opening of schools dedicated exclusively to the continuing education of students arriving from Ukraine, but Education Minister Patrizio Bianchi clarified in a statement to the press that workshops are being held for continuing education available to children and why not their families. The aim, as stated in these initiatives, is to integrate two education systems into a single, common and collective in such a way that it promotes acceptance, understanding and cooperation.

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