Diversity, equality and inclusion are a high priority for 61% of teachers

The contributions of the teachers were taken into account and participated in the path that led to the preparation of the first sustainability plan: a project that made it possible to identify the areas and guidelines that the Segrate group will work on in the future, with objectives in the short and medium term to improve social, managerial and environmental performance. A plan that reflects the group’s identity, its mission and its role as a publisher in the company.

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“Teachers are fundamental interlocutors of the Mondadori Group, which has always supported the spread of a quality, fair and inclusive culture and education that offers opportunities for reading and growth, entertainment and learning,” said Gian Luca Pulvirenti, CEO of Mondadori Books, Education areal. “With our publishing house, we work with teachers, from primary school to university, with innovative and accessible teaching content and tools that contribute to the growth of the new generations; for this reason, we believe that listening to the needs and expectations of the main characters in the school sector represents for us a valuable opportunity for enrichment and strategic and sustainable development of our activities, ”concludes Pulvirenti.

The results of the study –

61.2% of the teachers who answered the questionnaire indicated the theme “diversity, equality and inclusion” as a priority to respond to the expectations of the school world; in second place “promoting reading and socio-cultural growth” (54.3%) through local principals and educational initiatives from booksellers and schools; followed by, among the 15 proposed themes, “dealing with environmental impacts” (51.9%).

The study also highlights the UN’s goals for sustainable development (Agenda 2030), which teachers believe are most relevant and which should therefore be valued in today’s school practice: for more than 40% of respondents to guarantee an inclusive and fair quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all (SDG 4) is the priority objective; this is followed by the fight against climate change (SDG 13), for almost every third teacher.

Several contributions emphasized the aspects of the school world that need to be focused more on for the future: more than one teacher out of two (51.1%) indicated the need to introduce innovative teaching methods, also in an inclusive function; for 37.7% of respondents, it is important to be able to benefit from a specific education offer on sustainability issues and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development; 34.8% focus on initiatives for the involvement of young people in civil society and introduction to civic education; further areas of great attention are the fight against early school leaving and the promotion of initiatives aimed at promoting gender equality.

These issues find explanation and a daily declination not only in textbooks, as an element of content and didactic study, but also through concrete initiatives from the Mondadori group aimed at teachers, female students and students, including the launch of the Manifesto for Gender Equality and Pluralism. by Rizzoli Education, the project “#Leparolechesiamo, the school we want” by Mondadori Education and the festival “La scuola è” by D Scuola, dedicated to the education of teachers and the scholastic of society as a whole.

Innovative tools have been added to these activities, such as: HUB Scuola, the platform dedicated to integrated digital teaching by Mondadori Education and Rizzoli Education, enriched with inclusive content to manage all educational needs; the numerous resources and activities on the Deascuola platform, including the all-new Deaflix service, dedicated to learning the basics of key school subjects, including in an inclusive manner; the ongoing development of innovative user assistance services.

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