Didacta Italia Fair, from 20 to 22 May in Florence. Bianchi: “Idea laboratory with the best experiences from our schools”

Fiera Didacta Italia was presented today at the Ministry of Education, the most important trade fair dedicated to school innovation, aimed at teachers, school leaders, educators, educators, professionals and entrepreneurs in the school and technology sector.

The event was illustrated at a press conference attended by Minister Patrizio Bianchi, Lorenzo Becattini, President of Florence Fiera, Giovanni Biondi, Chair of the Didacta Scientific Committee, and Alessandra Nardini, Councilor for Education in the Tuscany Region. The fifth edition is dedicated to the educator Maria Montessori, one of the most important personalities in the world in preschool education.

“Didacta is not just an exhibition, but it is the pride of showing. It’s the demonstration of what thousands of teachers, students and pupils, families, leaders are doing, “said Education Minister Patrizio Bianchi. With the 2022 edition returning, the Didacta plays the role of collecting and understanding the best experiences, and making a common legacy from the great commitment of these two years. This is the school: an extraordinary joint effort to give everyone the opportunity to participate in collective life. “

Fiera Didacta Italia presents a scientific program coordinated by INDIRE in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and involves the most important Italian and international realities in education, research and training. There are over 250 educational events, including conferences, in-depth workshops and seminars, designed on various topics, from the scientific and humanities to the technological, up to the learning space. The education is divided into different types of activities aimed at leaders, teachers in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, the world of research and the university.

An absolute novelty in the 2022 edition is the creation of 6 departments, to show teachers special and innovative environments in the school of the future. Among the new proposals in the field of Didacta 2022, the space is dedicated to sports and the pedagogical value of sports in school (an important aspect in the developmental age for the complete formation of the individual), that in vocational schools, while a section in itself will relate to it green area where initiatives on eco-sustainability education will be organized in schools.

The ministry will be present with a space of over five hundred square meters dedicated exclusively to staff training and to the history of what MI is doing to support didactic innovation, teacher training and the new school that is being defined through the implementation of The National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR).

The ministerial area will be divided into three areas: a reception area where MI’s various activities will be presented with dedicated materials; an arena for training, where seminars and discussions will be held on topics of interest to teachers and school staff; a room with ‘desks’ dedicated to information on how to comply with PON calls, on PNRR and on the “School ReGeneration” plan for the ecological conversion of schools.

Over sixty events will be organized by the ministry, including those that will be held in the arena of the institutional space and those that will be part of the event’s more comprehensive scientific program. It will consist of seminars, in-depth workshops, moments of in-depth analysis that will also see the presence of the Minister of Education, Patrizio Bianchi, and Vice-Secretaries Barbara Floridia and Rossano Sasso.

Among the issues that the ministry will bring to Florence, the implementation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), the new teaching methods, the ecological transformation of the schools within the “School ReGeneration” plan, the innovations regarding strengthening sports at. school, the reform of the higher technical institutes. Then there will be workshops on pedagogical robotics and innovative approaches to STEM teaching, some focusing on virtual art and digital creativity, in-depth studies of debate and public speaking. An event in collaboration with RAI is also planned to illustrate the joint activity carried out during and after the pandemic.

Didacta 2022: “Let’s start from Montessori to innovative teaching”. More than 250 events and departments to get teachers to experience the laboratory dimension. INTERVIEW with President Giovanni Biondi [VIDEO]

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