COBAS says no to the hierarchy between teachers and incentive education, yes to significant increases for all

The “government of the best” has decided to accelerate and bring home one of the many goals that many ministers (starting with Berlinguer with “concorsaccio”) have tried to achieve: differentiate teachers’ salaries and create teachers in series A and BI according to the school decree will we from 2023/2024 in the Italian school find three different types of teachers:

1. Who should “just” do the work in the classroom and stay with the increases related to seniority (but will still be required to follow courses on digital teaching)


2. Who decides to participate in the incentive training lottery

3. New employees who from 2023/24 will be required to complete incentive training

The mechanism is perverse: teachers who want to increase their salary must update themselves for free for three years and then submit to the evaluation committee (consisting of teachers and with the principal of another school or a technical leader). However, the assessment committee will only be able to promote 50% of the teachers who apply, so half will have worked for free and uselessly. Successful graduates will be able to decide whether to continue their “career” and move towards another three-year training period (always free), after which they (if they fall within 50% of the promoted) will have a further salary increase . Other than sharing and collegiality! The competition takes place in the middle of the school. The number of hours of training and the quantification of wage increases will be defined by agreement with the unions and included in the national contract. The operation will be funded by PNRR funds, moving (from 2028) the resources used for the teacher’s card and “through rationalization of legal staff carried out starting from the school year 2026/2027 ″, ie cut 9,600 professorships, a shame in front of the “chicken farm” classes“. All organized by a new wage-creating “wagon”, the Pædagogisk Gymnasium led by the Presidents of INVALSI and INDIRE together with other “personalities” appointed by the Minister; and the school will be able to include private subjects. It will therefore continue to be INVALSI to provide guidance on training and teaching in schools, and the content will be what teachers have been experimenting with for years: digital teaching, inclusion understood as medicalization, orientation understood as marketing, skills thought as training, etc. etc., professionally and intellectually humiliating courses where teachers are reduced to being free wage meat for often questionable coaches. But the right business will be generated with the certification mechanism; in fact, the higher education school will link “with public and private providers of certified education services “; the certification market will further develop, representing an instrument of progressive privatization of the school.

The government’s goal is to divide and hierarchy the teachers, to create an alleged elite that gets an increased salary and perhaps also an extra score for the internal ranking and for mobility, as was foreseen in the first versions. This “training” does not lead to an increase in the quality of teaching, but aims to convey within the classes the didactic junk that has already caused so much harm, producing a recurring cognitive illiteracy. We must stop the government and prevent the Confederate trade unions from simply protecting their rights without changing the substance. “reform”:

● strengthen the “magic circles” around the principals, while the school must strengthen the collegiate bodies and regain their rights eroded by the principals;

● divides and hierarchies the teachers, while in school there is a need for greater sharing and collegiality;

● implements a didactics that improves everything that goes on outside the classroom, while a serious (paid) refresher project must strengthen the didactics of the disciplines to combat cognitive illiteracy.


  • against wage differentiation, against the new obstacle course in recruitment, against the Invalsi quizzes and the “neo-education”
  • to allocate PNRR money for school buildings, to reduce the number of students per class, to employ
  • so that the funds for the increases in military spending go to support school, health and welfare
  • for the renewal of the national agreement on equal pay increases in order to prevent the recovery of inflation in further reducing the purchasing power of wages, which has already fallen by 20% in recent decades.
  • to use teachers who have returned from suspension without degradation and hourly extension
  • against free labor and student deaths in PCTOs.



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