Bari, the orphanage home inaugurated

Bari, the orphanage home inaugurated.

They will go next time May 10 the activities of “Children’s health home“, The new garrison is promoted by the municipal welfare department, which uses the support of institutions, health departments and volunteer specialists to promote well-being of all the town’s boys and girls.

The inauguration of the service was held this morning in the rooms of Service center for Carrassi familiesSan Pasquale, Mungivacca in viale Unità d’Italia 63 / c, in the presence of the Welfare Councilor Francesca Bottalicoby the service coordinator Elena Santorofrom the regional guarantor of the rights of the child Ludovico Abbaticchio and by the municipal official POS families and minors Francesco Elia.

This is a brand new service free and open to the whole citywhich is aimed at girls, boys and their families to promote the culture of prevention and education for well-being and to support those who are in a situation of financial difficulties and associated with long hospitalizations, also due to the effects of prolonged covid.

Today we inaugurate a new center for health promotion and prevention aimed at boys, girls and their families – he has declared Francesca Bottalico -.

There Children’s Health House is a city service who was born near the hospital with a program of free social and health interventions, screening activities, information campaigns, dental hygiene sessions, eye and hearing examinations but also neuropsychiatric, psychological and aimed at supporting the well-being of children and adolescents in terms of prevention and timely intervention in case of risk situations or socio-economic difficulties.

In this way, we intend to offer all parents equal access to medical examinations, especially in a difficult period like the current one. I sincerely thank all the specialists who have chosen to be by our side in this new service aimed at those who have fewer opportunities to undergo specialist treatments and visits.“.

I am very happy to start this business – explains Elena Santoro -. S.but that it can become a point of reference for the territory, a place of inclusion and the promotion of well-being in all its significance for all citizens;“.

Bari, the orphanage home inaugurated

There Bari Children’s Health House includes:

• the new center at the Family Center in Carrassi, San Pasquale, Mungivacca;

• the service of playful, artistic and expressive activities at Giovanni XXIII Pediatric Hospital, coordinated by Nicola Lupoli, who make use of the team of educators and specialized staff composed of Nicola Ranieri, Rosa Palermo and Silvano Di Pippo.

In the center of viale Unità d’Italia, a team of doctors, educators and social workers will be available to users. The volunteer specialists who have made themselves available for the new child health center in Bari include:

Dr. Vitantonio Uggenti, dentist

· Doctor Mina Panzarino, educator ANPE Puglia and Basilicata

· Doctor Katia Pinto, psychologist and psychotherapist in the Alzheimer’s Association

Dr. Mauro Scattarella, gastroenterologist

· Doctor Antonio Di Gioia, psychologist

Dr. Vincenzo Frappampina, pediatrician

Dr. Stefano Costa, neuropsychiatrist

Dr. Giuseppe Cascella, ophthalmologist and general practitioner

Dr. Massimiliano Lucarelli, general practitioner.

Børnesundhedshuset will also be able to count on the association’s clowns’ animation activities “Living in colors”, Which will thus be able to entertain the little guests who struggle with visits.

The center will be open from Monday to Friday, from 9 to 13 and from 15.30 to 19.30: to access it, you must order or report social services. For info and reservation: 0808764746 [email protected].

To give both doctors and citizens the opportunity to schedule meetings, the appointment calendar will be every two months.

Bari, the orphanage home inaugurated


May 10 at 16: meeting training in oral hygiene in children and adolescents and free screening for minors by Dr. Vitantonio Uggenti (dentist)

May 13 at 16.30: consultations with the doctor Mina Panzarino (pedagogue)

· May 17 at 9: meeting to promote active aging by the doctor Claudia Lograno (Alzheimer Italia Association)

May 18 at 16.30: the association’s clowns “Living in colors“Will animate Giovanni XXIII Children’s Hospital

· May 24 at 9: meeting to promote active aging by the doctor Claudia Lograno

· May 25 at 17: promotion meeting about the benefits of pet therapy of the association “Vivere a Colori”

· May 27 at 17: training meeting d sexually transmitted diseases by Dr. Massimiliano Lucarelli (general medicine)

· June 6 at 17: training meeting d the relationship between parents and young children by Dr. Antonio Di Gioia (psychologist and psychotherapist)

· June 9 at 10:00: information meeting about the differences between bacterial and viral infections by Dr. Mauro Scattarella (gastroenterologist)

June 11 at 10:00: Free eye screening – refraction and fundus examination – by Dr. Giuseppe Cascella (ophthalmologist – general medicine)

· June 15 at 16: meeting of promote reading by Dr. Vincenzo Frappampina (pediatrician)

June 21 at 9.30: meeting training in oral hygiene in elderly and vulnerable patients of Dr. Vitantonio Uggenti and Dr. Katia Pinto.

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