a “three-day” culture between the Bonci Theater and the Malatestiana Library

The collaboration between the municipality of Cesena and the University of Urbino Carlo Bo continues around the themes of the history and philosophy of science, which have already been consolidated through many years of research and dissemination, accomplished thanks to a valuable combination and the tip of an iceberg of combined initiatives. along forty years of events, opened in 1982 by the first edition of The dimension of science. They are planned between initiatives starting from 7 May when at 17.00 the volume “Experience, abstraction and the scientific image of the world” is presented in the foyer of the Bonci Theater, edited by Claudio Calosi, Pierluigi Graziani, Davide Pietrini, Gino Tarozzi for Franco Angeli.

The volume brings together various contributions in honor of Vincenzo Fano for his 60th birthday written by some of the leading Italian and non-Italian philosophers of science, such as Carlo Rovelli, Dennis Dieks, FA Muller, Giovanni Boniolo, Sergio Doplicher, Maria Luisa Dalla Chiara, Roberto Giuntini, Mauro Dorato, Fabio Minazzi, Guido Cusinato, Gustavo Cevolani, Marco Buzzoni, Rossella Lupacchini and by colleagues, friends and students of the University of Urbino such as Gino Tarozzi, Mario Alai, Marco Rocchi, Almo Farina, Liana Lomiento, Claudio Calosi, Pierluigi Graziani, Giovanni Macchia, Stefano Calboli, Davide Pietrini, Gabriele Ferretti, Antonella Foligno, Alberto Corti, Enrico Cinti and Marco Sanchioni. These contributions address numerous and relevant questions about the philosophy and metaphysics of science, about epistemology, about the history of scientific and philosophical thought, and about the relationship between philosophy, science and art. The main aspect of the volume, which reflects the breadth and depth of Vincenzo Fano’s research, is Fano’s constant dialogue with various forms of knowledge: from pure and applied sciences to art, from philosophy to philology, from studies of the ancient world to those of modernity. thought. The volume concludes with a comprehensive and timely response from Fano to the issues addressed in the various essays.

The presentation in Italian, promoted by the University of Urbino “Carlo Bo” Department of Pure and Applied Sciences, Interuniversity Research Center in Philosophy and Foundations of Physics (CIRFIS), Cesena Municipality, Nuova Fondazione Rossana and Carlo Pedretti, will be introduced by Jure Zovko, President of the Académie Internationale de Philosophie des Sciences, Carlo Verona, Councilor for Cultural Services and Inclusion, Sara Tagliagamba, Director of the New Pedretti Foundation. Speakers Mario Alai, Professor of Philosophy and Language Theories at the University of Urbino, Vincenzo Fano, President of the Italian Society of Logic and Philosophy of Science, Franco Pollini, Director of the Alessandro Bonci Theater in Cesena, and Gino Tarozzi, Director of CIRFIS and President of New Pedretti Foundation.

The second presentation will be on Saturday 21 May, always in the foyer of the Bonci Theater, at 17.00, and will cover the collection of scientific theatrical texts by Franco Pollini, In search of the missing mother, published by Il Ponte Vecchio. They will be present Carlo VeronaCouncilor for Cultural Services and Inclusion in Cesena Municipality, Marino BiondiUniversity of Florence, Maria Luisa Dalla ChiaraEmeritus Professor at the University of Florence, Vincenzo FanoUniversity of Urbino, Gabriele MarchesiniManager, Margherita Melani And Sara Taglialagamba, New Rossana and Carlo Pedretti Foundation, Gino Tarozzi, University of Urbino. Volume and presentation are dedicated to memory Giuliano Scabia, director and author. Gabriele Marchesini will read a few pages from one of his theatrical texts.

The third event will take place on the 11th June, 16.30 in Sala Lignea at the Malatesta library. Also this year, the Summer School of Philosophy of Physics, organized by the University of Urbino, now in its 25th edition, ends in Cesena with a “process” that contrasts with opposing interpretations of a concept / problem discussed during school. The process this year will revolve around the themes Cosmic hologramawakened by the homonymous book by Jude Currivan.

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