5 tips to make wooden houses more inviting

In this article you will find five tips for improving log houses

To make wooden houses more accommodating is not an easy task, that’s why we are here!

In this article you will find five valid suggestions to use immediately and in total autonomy, to create a warm, intimate and welcoming atmosphere, both inside and outside the wooden houses.

Are you ready to take notes and express your creativity fully?

Wooden houses and hospitality

Citing the dictionary “Braids“, with the expression”hospitality’ funds’: “The act of welcoming, receiving a person; the way and the words you welcome. “

Please note that the person to be welcomed is not listed in the dictionary; therefore, that person could also be you. Therefore, it is essential to create a welcoming environment where you feel good first and where you can welcome whoever you want.

To create an inviting environment, it is important to follow and implement some secrets related to interior design, but not only: from the moment you become the main tenant of the house, you will also need to insert personal elements into it and that they make you feel you at home.

Let us make these words concrete to make wooden houses more inviting with concrete examples and advice.

Organize space well

The first step to making wooden houses more inviting is to organize the interior properly: you will definitely have read magazines related to interior design or watch TV shows like those offered by Home & Garden on channel 56, in either case the importance of the arrangement of interior accessories in a room is often highlighted.

In fact, depending on the decor of the room (in terms of brightness and location of the windows) and its functionality, it is possible to place the furniture.

For example, two sofas facing each other create a comfortable feeling and give the idea of ​​symmetry, but if one of the two sofas is primarily used for watching TV, this solution will not be the most suitable.

The optimal organization of the rooms is not only symmetry and shape, but also functionality and balance: it tries to map the transit areas well, avoid inserting too many elements and create balance between the interior accessories.

Finally, organize the arrangement of objects in a functional way that will help you perform the various tasks at home or in your daily work (for example, if you normally use a desk, try to place it next to a chest of drawers where you can insert practices and files so that you can consult the documents in it immediately and without wasting unnecessary time).

Perfumes, candles and lamps

Another valid way to make wooden houses more inviting is to insert perfumes, candles and lamps.

For example, you can insert perfumers with sticks in different corners of the house, such as the bedroom, bathroom and living room, as well as spray natural perfumes several times a day: there are many brands that produce these natural perfumes that will make you feel the home air, even before you open the front door.

As an alternative to perfumes, you can insert scented candles on the various surfaces, which will give a touch of color and intimacy when you need it.

Also, install floor or table lamps in different rooms of the house, such as lamps with wireless and wireless charging, to illuminate your evenings with leisure or work.

Paintings and photographs

Have you ever walked into an art gallery or a photo exhibition? If the answer is positive, you will most likely have had a positive feeling from the first step, without perhaps being aware of it.

The reason is that hanging pictures, paintings and photographs make the environment much more accommodating, the advantage is that you can choose the prints you prefer according to your taste and your philosophy.

The important thing is to maintain some coherence with the style in which these wall elements are inserted.

For example, if you have a clear and empty corridor, consider hanging solid-colored frames (gold, black, or white) on the walls with black-and-white photographs of moments you lived, or icons that inspire you. If this corridor has a small unused corner, to make everything more inviting, you can think of inserting a small armchair with a floor lamp and a wicker basket.

Wood inserts

Wood is a material that per. definition provides warmth, intimacy and welcome; we imagine this is not new to you!

For this reason, we recommend inserting wooden inserts in different corners of the wooden houses; starting from the bathroom, which you can cover with parquet or insert wicker baskets, not forgetting the bedroom, where you can insert a bed with headboard and wooden structure, and the living room, where you can insert an armchair or cabinet in wood.

If you do not like the idea, or it reminds you of previous aesthetic canons, you should know that this is not the case, because you can find very modern objects made of wood on the market (try to think of the Scandinavian style, which is based on on wood for the realization of chairs, furniture, etc.).

A touch of personality

We have reached the end of this article, we have given you some suggestions on what you can put inside a wooden house to make it more inviting and give it a touch of style, but what we have told you is not enough.

In fact, in order to make wooden houses truly inviting, it is important to give them a touch of Grade And personalitybut who can better than you achieve this goal?

By giving a personal touch, you will create a unique environment that will make you feel truly at home, and that will also make all the guests you invite feel at home!

We can not help you with this because only you know your tastes and needs more than anyone else, so we leave you carte blanche, already know that whatever you create will be wonderful.

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