Zalewski, president of his first club: “He trained with all the teams until tonight. The national team? The sterile controversy for those seeking attention”

MARCO D’OFFIZI INTERVIEW – Nicola Zalewski with his qualities he won José Mourinho’s confidence: starting against Leicester, the 20-year-old was the man of the match at King Power Stadium. Marco D’Offizi, president of the first club where the Giallorossi talent took his first kicks, in aexclusive interview with tells about Nicolas’ first trainings with New Spes Polithe pride of the country he grew up in and the enthusiasm of the children who see the number 59 as an example to follow on and off the field.

To begin with, would you like to tell us about your reality? Get to know the club, the league, the work you do with young players ..

We are a second-class company made up exclusively of people from Poli, who are committed to ensuring that everyone works in the best possible way. The team consists of boys between 19 and 30 years, most of whom are local. We have a youth sector with different teams of local children, our first goal is to make them grow under the human aspect and then under the technical.

We know Zalewski took his first kicks with you. Can you tell us what he was like as a child and whether you could already see that he could have a future in football? And if so, what did he have more than the others?

It was impossible to see Nicola without the ball. He played in the youth sector with boys who are currently playing with our first team, but the difference was clear even before, when he, even before he started entering our football field, played on the pitch with the older boys.

Is there an anecdote about him that you want to tell us?

He lived for many years in a house 50 meters from the sports field, as a child he held the trainings on all the teams that alternated within our field. Until the evening when his mother Ewa called him back to the house because dinner was ready.

Roma strongly believe in him, and despite being one of the youngest in the squad, he deserves his place as a starter. What do you think of Mourinho’s handling of Zalewski?

When the news of Mourinho came to Roma, we were all excited that one of the most successful coaches in history could help a friend of ours on his growth path. The place he gives him is all deserved, we are happy that Josè has recognized Nicola’s potential.

In the match against Leicester he was not only crucial but also the best in the field. What did it represent, and does it represent, to see a young man born with you play for Roma at these levels?

At Poli, we are all proud of Nicola. When we hear some commentators say he’s from Tivoli, it annoys us, but we also win our match thanks to Nicola, who often specifies it, Corriere dello Sport specified the origin the other day, and we’re happy about that. The children of our country see him as an example to follow on and off the field. The match in Leicester is for us, who have seen each of his matches for years, only a confirmation of what he can do, and the joy of seeing him play the protagonist at these levels is enormous.

Zalewski is often described as “a Pole in Poli”, what do you think of his decision to choose the Polish national team jersey? He could also have been a great help to the Azzurri …

There was a completely sterile controversy from someone seeking some attention on this subject. Nicola is from Poli, we know his family and his origins, it is a personal decision that everyone should respect, we respect and support it. We have been following and cheering on him during the U20 World Cup in 2019 and we would like to do that in Qatar next winter as well.

Are you still in touch with him? Are you going to hear that?

Nicola lives in Poli, most of his friends play on our first team. We watched the Champions League semi-final between Real and City together. Sunday morning he came to watch our match, then we went to play pool and we can honestly say he is better at playing football.

Manuela Fais

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