What to watch on YouTube if you love architecture and design

It is easy to find online in-depth content related to design. Some are also perfect when doing sports or cooking, such as podcast dedicated to architecture, others are fun to shake left on the couch like me more disrespectful Instagram profiles dedicated to the project, while there are to “intelligent” entertainment moments YouTube videos dedicated to interior design and architecture. An opportunity to discover new projects, learn about the history of the masters or find inspiration to decorate the home, through films and words from professionals in the sector.

You Tube collects millions of clips uploaded by users all over the world, a huge one digital video library which hosts the most diverse content, from the architecture classes taught by Stewart Hicks, a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, to the impossible mini-houses in the Never too small canal. The offer is not lacking, just choose well. To begin with, we have selected five architecture and design channels that are worth subscribing to. Good sight. Opening: Xanadu Building designed by Ricardo Bofill, Manzanera, Calpe, Spain. Photo Petr Svarc / UCG / Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Architecture with Steward

The channel conceived, edited and produced by Stewart Hicksa professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, says “Architectural stories” and explains the cornerstones of the discipline in a fun and understandable way for everyone, but never banal. Among the lessons, the concept of free plan according to Le Corbusier and the modern movement and organic architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Videos are posted weekly and occasionally live streaming events are arranged. Particularly interesting for fans is playlist dedicated to the lost architectures, where you can learn a lot about contemporary masterpieces that have been torn down, inaccessible or left only on paper; among the latest videos published an in-depth study of the work of Mies van der Rohe in Chicago and how the Master of the Modern Movement changed Chicago’s face.

Never too small

An editorial board of interior designers and architects explains through experimental and surprising examples, how to get the most out of smaller living spaces. Never too small it is not just a format, it is also a philosophy of thought: no house is too small, the important thing is to sharpen the mind without forgetting the style.

The channel, which boasts nearly 2 million subscribers, is connected to one website and demonstrates how the attention to compact and functional housing is growing. Among the content that is most in line with current trends (and with solutions to copy) that micro Parisian accommodation in Scandinavian style andboho-jap apartment in London.

Inner life

The channel Inner life from The cut the feminine of New York Magazine leaves to the journalist and the design expert Wendy Goodman the task of letting the public get into most curious houses in the Big Apple. To discover, the penthouse in the clouds by Kelly Behunan all-white dream house with a bird’s eye view of Central Park andbohemian apartment by artist Gerald DeCockone of the last tenants of the legendary Chelsea Hotel.

The modern house

The English Real Estate Agency The modern house deals with the sale of super-luxurious homes in unique contexts, and explains in detail what are the design pluses of the proposed solutions. The informative and not just commercial approach has made the company a web phenomenon with hundreds of followers on the main social channels. On Youtube presents some of the housing it has available – just likeformer dream warehouse full of art in East London – along with videos dedicated to experimental creators and designers.


The project was launched in 2010 Nuhed produces and collects Land the coolest stories and projects in the world that has to do with creativity. With the address book I Residence allows you to exclusively visit interior design projects designed by famous professionals, such as the American star in interior design Kelly Wearstler or the spectacular factory studio of the recently deceased maestro Ricardo Bofill. With the series In my place, Nowness instead, it takes us to the artist residences, like the very colorful inside Jean-Charles de Castelbajac or the industrial one by the photographer Massimo Vitali.


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