“We focus on culture and tourism”

“We focus on culture and tourism”

Laveno Mombello aims for a spring and a summer filled with events and initiatives. In fact, culture and tourism continue to be two strong points for the municipal administration to relaunch the beautiful city on Lake Maggiore, attract new visitors, revive places and make the city a destination for tourists all year round.

To explain it is Councilor for Culture and Tourism, Mario Iodice (pictured below), while flipping through a large calendar, marking all the agreements already planned: “As a municipal administration, we have invested heavily in culture and tourism, and we have greatly increased resources compared to previous years.

The goal is to ensure that Laveno Mombello is attractive four out of four seasons, and that culture has a direct impact on the territory and its hospitality and commercial activities, thanks to the attraction of visitors and spectators. From 1 June, the Department of Culture will be supported by a specialist in territorial marketing selected by tender: “It will support my department’s work so that we can have greater and more targeted tourism promotion”. In addition, one info point by the lake shore, in the kiosk that once housed the newspaper kiosk, donated by the owner to the municipality.

mario iodice laveno mombello

So we start with a richer calendar than last year, and this also thanks to the end of the health emergency due to Covid. Appointments such as Comic Sponde Festival (from 9 to 12 June) – which this year will also be a parade Cosplay -, Quilt Festival (from 12 to 19 June) in the Officine dell’Acqua room with a program of events lasting a whole week and not just the weekend.

And again the festival of Library therapy (from 15 to 18 September) with several appointments dedicated to the psychological theme, while the calendar for Festival of Wonders for 2023, with events and agreements that are intended to amaze the public.

“The first year we used it with one sample to understand what approach the public took to these events. Last year, despite the restrictions, the season went well, and we decided to propose and expand the range of some events ». There will also be plenty of space for music: Just think of 21 June and the concerts arranged by Pro Loco in collaboration with the municipality, concerts by young talents, Lago Maggiore Music Festival and others. Even more space saw for the theater, but above all the desire to bring the country’s places to life.

During the summer, it reopens after years Torrazze Park which will be the site of some events. Villa Fumagalli it will be a meeting place for exhibitions, but not only: “The idea for the future is to designate the ground floor for young people, to make it a recreational center”. Villa Fruathe municipality’s headquarters and the library, will be open at unusual times to host many events.

MoreoverGaggetto area will return to being a place dedicated to sports and there is the intention of propose closure of a section of Sp69 (from Laveno to Cerro) to be used as a bike / walking path. From May 29 to October alternate Sundays. The organizational machine for on 15 August, the traditional Ferragosto Lavenese, with the aim of bringing back the traditional fireworks and lots of music.

And again, that Midec – the international ceramics museum will soon see some news with exhibitions by artists of national importance. Giorgio Lavieri’s works, for example, will pass through Cerro before being exhibited in Faenza and Genoa. Furthermore, the museum’s news will be presented on the occasion of the Buongiorno Ceramica event on 22 May. Primarily, the digitization of the museum’s worksa way to make it more useful also through virtual visits, the calendar of planned workshops and guided tours and important building works, such as the replacement of the elevator and a plate to cover the yard, made possible thanks to a tender from the Cariplo Foundation.

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