Valencia, what to see in the world design capital 2022

One of the liveliest and most dynamic destinations in Europe, Valencia is in full swing from a point of view of urban renewal and creative fabric, and wisely manages to mix a long tradition of crafts, especially in ceramics and silk, with more modern experiments. An eclecticism that led to World Design Organization to choose the Spanish city as World Design Capital 2022 because, among other things, it “combines the effective application of Mediterranean design with the desire to exploit the creative sector as an agent of social change”, the international body wrote in a note. An ambitious goal achieved with enthusiasm and awareness given that now “Valencia has reached a mature point in design, which it will now be able to show to the rest of the world. “he has declared Xavi Calvo, director of the event. A year filled with events, over a hundred, but Calvo is eager to clarify: “more than an event or an activity program, we usually talk about the activation of an entire process. Being the world design capital 2022 allows us to convey the great importance that design as a discipline has for the whole society, institutions and entrepreneurial structure. The way to reach these different types of public is very different: Our proposals range from exhibitions, conferences, workshops, festivals or professional meetings, to new formulas to incorporate designs into public policies or to improve the formulas for their negotiations. Activities will be planned every day throughout the year, with which the Valencia public and visitors to the city will be able to approach the benefits of the design area ».

Xavi Calvo, Director of World Design Capital Valencia 2022

Anni and Josef Albers, the love story that rewrote the design rules

by Valentina Ferlazzo

And then there is no shortage of more classic exhibits on the agenda like the ones dedicated to Albers it is at Lina Bo Bardi or to look at current events: «the exhibition Because I’m like that? emphasizes the value of everyday objects, ”adds Calvo. “It is still: Design is good for your healthemphasizes the important role in the health sector and emphasizes the ability to become a tool for human well-being, and then there is also a tribute to the international creator Jaime Hayón“.

The Salón de la Chimney in the municipality of Valencia has been enriched with symbols and references to creativity and design history such as furniture and graphic works from the historical archive

There Map of Disseny (to be consulted here) is a practical interactive guide to solving the many titles of the bill that the director helps us summarize. “From the 13th to the 18th of June, we celebrate the so-called World Design Experience, a festival with first-class guests in design and creativity. The city will be an international gathering point with concerts, workshops, presentations and masterclasses, where local, national and international talents can be inspired thanks to important speakers, reference points in the design world. From 19 to 25 September it is World Design Street Festival will celebrate design on the street, fill Valencia with installations, workshops open to all, exhibitions, open studios and initiatives to celebrate creativity. The year ends with the celebration of World Design Policy Conferencea busy program with the aim of exchanging ideas with which it will be possible to learn about best practices in the various countries, regions and cities working on the implementation of effective design policies ».

The Veles e Vents building, designed by David Chipperfield, houses the installation The Sea designed by Studio Valencians Clap. Inspired by the Mediterranean, it turns into a TV studio to host events and meetings

And in these weeks?

“In the months of February and March, a whole program of activities is organized dedicated to highlighting the subjects that make the Las Fallas Festival amazing with fashion, goldsmiths, music, pyrotechnics and the making of monuments in the streets. Thanks to exhibitions, round tables or city tours, the entire audience will be able to discover the boundless creativity that is expressed in this traditional time of year. In April, the Filmoteca de Valencia will propose a film festival where the public will be able to learn about the relationship between the seventh art and design ».
What legacy will leave the city this year?

“Our main goal as World Design Capital is precisely to leave a legacy; because we understand 2022 as the basis for this city – and by extension the country – to place itself on the international design map. Therefore, all the actions we take today are set with the aim of lasting over time in such a way that they can change the social basis so that design materializes in the corporate, institutional and social decisions in our territory “.

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