Ukraine, a school desk for 790 boys fleeing the war


TRIESTE – They are all about to find a school desk, in Friuli Venezia GiuliairUkrainian agazzis fled the war and who need to continue at least a hint of normal life, for an improvement that has also gone on since attend classes, peers, teachersbut also learning Italian, new games and new experiences aimed at their inclusion.

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The management of the school office in Friuli Venezia Giulia has today brought data to the Commission in the region, which says that of the 790 Ukrainian minors, 727 were placed in state schools and 63 in peers, and therefore “regularly participates a team in the region”. But there are no problems, even for those who have not yet completed the registration process (46 included in the state and 14 in equal).

In detail, the figures speak of 25 Gorizia state schools with 93 students entered and validated, 10 peer schools with nine entered and validated; 40 Pordenone State Schools with 165 inmates and 154 validated, 61 peer schools with 13 inmates and three validated; 35 Trieste state schools with 134 inmates and 124 validated, 49 peer schools with 7 inmates and validated; 67 state schools in Udine with 381 registered and 356 validated, 98 equal with 48 registered and 44 validated.


These are refugees who have also been found in Friuli Venezia Giulia reception especially in Italian families or by compatriots living in Italy, more than in public facilities. Yes, of the approximately 5,000 Ukrainians currently in the territory, about 4,000 are accommodated in families and 1,000 in facilities. And Usr Fvg has decided to favor enrollment throughout the year in the schools closest to hospitality.

Among other things, in a few years there will be around 5,000 fewer pupils in the schools in Friuli Venezia Giulia, in the face of the ministerial decision of keep the number of teachers unchanged. And then it happened with the distribution decided by the USSR a more equal distribution in the classrooms where, apart from three cases in total, there are not so many students that they can not also accommodate Ukrainian students.


The funding from the Ministry of Education for refugee students was per. March 24 a million euros, 200 euros per studentwhich for Friuli Venezia Giulia has translated to 48,600 eurosbut at the regional school office they guaranteed that any the amount will be increased.

Funds that are already integrated with the resources that the ministry allocates annually – for about 20 years, it is explained – directly to the schools with regard to first literacy courses in Italian through foundations for “Vulnerable areas and with a strong immigration process”. They are resources to support linguistic and cultural dissemination, for language literacy, for the purchase of teaching materials – also digital – bilingual or in the mother tongue and for further inclusion projects.

In addition, in early March, the ministry allocated the schools directly to the schools resources for psychological support for Ukrainian students. And the Region grants annually financial contributions to educational institutions requesting it for Italian pedagogical teaching interventions. Actually “Communication on school integration” of the 2021 immigration program by reopening the deadlines for submitting applications for Ukrainian students from educational institutions for the year 2021-2022. The total budget is 300,000 euros.


In response to requests from some regional councilors, the management of the school office said, as reported in a note, “very impressed with great interest and sensitivity expressed by the schools and from the Friulian-Julian boys to the dramatic events that the Ukrainian refugees have endured. What is being done is not only a distance learning activity, via the web, with the school of origin, so that the student does not lose his educational path, but that socialization and inclusion projects in their new reality, with the hope that he will also find the sides of humanity that the war has unfortunately interrupted ”.

And these projects include also their parents – usually it is the mothers – for these children so that they too can learn the Italian language and start a full integration. If the stay were lasting, if not stable, there would be no problems for the USR prolonged deploymentup to job training, even considering that the ambition of these people is to return to their home country as soon as the conditions for doing so are in place.

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