Turbo Golf Racing Proven: cars, precision, hole

Have just seen the first pictures al Future Game Show at the end of March it was inevitable to think: “This game is very similar to Rocket League!”. Graphic style, color palettes and of course cars running towards big balls. But with one difference: here are no doors, but holes! Yes why Turbo Golf Racing is a game that mixes the speed of the four wheels with precision strokes on long and winding greens. He therefore does not see the madness in one What is golf? but it follows some characteristics of the success of Psyonix: in this sense, we hope that it can somehow repeat itself.

These days we got to try beta which took place d Steam (it was also available on Xbox consoles), and even though it was armed with a not-too-powerful computer (the game is extremely light), we were able to enjoy several games this testing season. So let’s see what our first impression of this title is developed by the small team of 12 people Hugecalf Studios and published by Secret state.

Turbo Golf RacingTurbo Golf Racing: between a hole and a bunker, missiles also arrive

We said about the Rocket League’s undeniable stylistic and conceptual similarity: but here, unlike the Psyonix title, the idea of ​​a speed race remains because it’s true that we’re on a green, but one does not have to be careful if one has to finish on or below PCS, here you just have to stick your ball in your pocket before your opponents. After searching for the lobby, you are actually thrown into one of the 12 available levels (in different biomes, even different) divided into three races in grand prix style, and with seven other players. Depending on the position obtained, you get 1 to 8 points, which will add up in these three races: The one who scores the most wins! The scoring system and the duration of an entire match is Well balancedthe right holders, and the mechanism encourages you to play multiple games and to “experience” the competition fully, thanks to the fact that there are several rounds, and not a single match.

When you talk in more detail about what the game is, your task will be to hit your ball with the nose of the machine to bring it as quickly as possible to the end of the court, and put it in pockets: a high beam of light shows the position of the hole and it also acts as a “chaperone” of the ball itself. In fact, if you pull very hard, but the ball enters the luminous band circuit, it will automatically lead it in, facilitating the conclusion. To say it might seem easy, though Obstacles on the track can make your day difficult. The environmental first and foremost: of course there are easier slopes / greens and others that are definitely harder, among treacherous trees, ball that goes over the edges and rightly so, to remember the sport from which the game got its name, annoying bunkers (nice that when the ball ends up on it, the audience will make you understand that they did not appreciate the game). In addition the missiles that can hit you and that you can hit with. They are not extremely punitive, but they can take that moment away from you by blasting a blow that could have been perfect. Recordings that you then get a preview of: a line it will show you the direction the ball will take before it is hit, a bit like what happens with golf games. And in that regard, you will always have a map at the bottom right that shows your position on the green: maybe you will not give it too many times, but it will be useful.

Turbo Golf Racing

In addition to the missiles, there will be light trails in some sections of the green, which will show you the recommended route, makes you faster: in addition, the reserve comes off turbo which you can use (and reload thanks to lightning-shaped objects found on the track) to go faster. In addition, you can take the game with you to power-ups, which allows you to give the game a greater variety: for example, you may prefer a larger turbo reserve or have the option of creating a small magnetic field to hit the ball from a longer distance, or even use an accident to attract the ball towards you . Everyone can study their own strategy based on their playing style.

A somewhat bad Beta!

In this beta, there was also the opportunity to test single player time trial modewhere you can try to make the 12 available courses in the shortest possible time to get 1, 2 or 3 stars depending on the time: also a way to get to know the greens better before competing with other players.

What happens after the match? You get the opportunity tailor your car, with new items that you will unlock according to some actions performed, or through the game store or the classic pass. These days, for example beta beta which provided the ability to unlock 15 decorative items, including icons, patterns, reels, balls and so on. In addition to the challenge itself, Turbo Golf Racing also has the reward engine that leads the game to achieve certain goals, whether they are aesthetic or not. In the shop you can actually also buy some of the aforementioned power-ups.

Another small positive remark to report, the good one combination of music and playing style, which always refers to the dance / electro from the oft-mentioned Psyonix title. But Turgo Golf Racing will be able to completely detach itself from the Rocket League, or it will have to live together in its shadow? The biggest question that this Beta could not answer is just that. We are therefore awaiting the final game to understand how much this bizarre racing golf will be able to differ from the beloved racing football!

Platforms: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S

Developer: Hugecalf Studios

Publisher: Secret Mode

Release Date: TBA

Following in the footsteps of the resounding success achieved by a Rocket League is certainly insurmountable, perhaps not even the goal of the developers, but Turbo Golf Racing is one of those games that matches the mix given by luck, social and course dedication, could turn out to be a pleasant surprise for the year. And we hope the union of the four wheels and the golf holes will work.

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