Tour of Aimee Songs dream home in Los Angeles

This was the neighborhood I had dreamed of ever since I was little“, says Aimee Song, fashion entrepreneur, a true powerhouse on social media and founder of Song of Style, a blog that later became a fashion and lifestyle brand, about her future home. A historic neighborhood in downtown Los Angeles, known for its quiet streets and stately homes, she captured the attention of Song and her family from her earliest age: “I grew up in downtown LA and there were no safe places to walk around in peace,” she recalls, “we used to get here by car in the holiday or even with our mother just to go for a walk with the dogs. ” Years go by, after working in a period of interior design and having created an enviable career in fashion and as an influencer, with more than six million followers on social media, here we find Song pregnant in 9 months with his longtime girlfriend , Jacopo Moschin, in this peaceful getaway full of memories.

Like many others, Song and Moschin had celebrated the end of 2019 with the hope of a bright new decade: “We bought the house practically moments before the pandemic broke out,” says the young and talented moving woman. It took a long time. A place that had hosted a single previous owner, in fact an elderly couple looking for a smaller place than their family home. Song took it as a sign: “People don’t usually move out of this neighborhood easily,” he ponders, “they usually stay there.” But someone has really gone, and a 1920s Spanish revival house located in a historic Los Angeles neighborhood has become their new home.

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So after having the location and large structure they wanted, the next step was to rearrange the rooms: “Spanish style houses are amazing, but they are usually very dark and they have lots of small rooms” (here are eight of them .. to be exact), “and a few windows,” Song points out. And since creating an open and inviting space was a top priority for future parents, it was important to remove the walls. Started the renovation with her father – it was the third house they worked in together – Song drew on her interior designer know-how to change the house to best meet her and Moschin’s needs.

“I’m honest, we got a little blind,” he jokes about his and his father’s approach to the renovation, “it was great … But then we let my father go,” he laughs. Architect and designer Antonio Forteleoni, a longtime friend of Moschin, takes the stage. The couple asked him to help them organize the rooms, especially the bedroom and the kitchen. But towards the end of the project, the interior designer was “co-opted”: “Kelly (Wearstler, red) and her husband came to see the house during the renovation and took it away on the spot,” says Song, spending words of admiration for the architect, who until recently was Kelly Wearstler’s design director.

Chez Song, under Forteleoni’s supervision, the kitchen was the first area to be renovated: “It was half as big,” he says of the room, now airy and fresh. In an environment usually one of the most beloved in a home, Moschin and Song made sure to combine their personal tastes and sometimes compromised. An example: their beautiful island in the kitchen with Calacatta Viola marble top: “I wanted an island with falling shelves at all costs, but Jacopo and Antonio said to me ‘absolutely not'”, says Song, laughing at his “impractical” and “American” request. (In the end, a T-shaped island was chosen, the perfect compromise).

“By living with an Italian, I somehow became more essential,” Song says of the “collaborative” process of renovation and decoration. Inspired by their individual cultures, Song and Moschin successfully put their backgrounds together to re-imagine a space that blends elegance Mediterranean Sea and the design philosophy Oriental. “We now live in our dream house, which we created together,” says Song, “when we go on trips, we are always happy to go home.”

After being delayed creating a bedroom for their first child, Song went into the “nest building” phase: “We redid almost everything,” and then an old living room turned into a walk-in closet plus a bedroom: “I practically decided last week,” she says. And considering that the new mom’s water broke the morning after the realization of this photoshoot, everything was ready in time for the happy event.

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