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( Milan, May 3, 2022 – Milan prepares to welcome Milan Design Week, the event that made it the world capital of design, along with the inevitable Fuorisalone, ready to amaze visitors, experts in the sector and simple enthusiasts with exhibitions, installations, events and innovative design proposals.
Among the most anticipated protagonists, as every year, Tortona Design Week also returns from June 6th to 12th.

The heart of this issue will be the Fluidity and Design project, a concept with which Torneria Tortona and Tortona Locations – organizers and organizers of the event – confirm the path that has taken in recent years to interpret design as a collector of cultural and sociological transformation, sensitive. to the current living conditions have changed in respect of the differences and new demands that have suddenly and sharply emerged at both national and international level.

In a landscape where it is difficult to imagine what the spaces will be like and how they will be lived, Fluidity and Design are the two key words that characterize the path that the leading companies in the sector are taking to implement their restart, inspired of conditions imposed on us that shape our lives. Unexpected scenarios can arise from the confusion and uncertainty that characterize our time, especially where the power of creativity is fruitful.

Scene nominated for many new artists and not only, numerous designers from around the world have decided to marry the initiative of Tortona Design Week. Among the nationally and internationally recognized member companies we find Timberland, IKEA, Lexus, Mauro Saviola Group, Apima, Delta Light, Candy, Hoover, Haier, gloTM, Decor Lab, Capital Collection, Lechler – ColorDesign®, Mia Forniture, Zip Zone, Materioteca ®, Officina 14.

As proof of the continuity of the path taken by Tortona Design Week, and with the aim of promoting a design that is able to create new values, involve and educate, the 2022 edition will also see the creation of “Completing the fragments of nature “. The project, conceived by a group of Domus Academy students, was awarded last July as the winner of The Roundabout: Design with nature competition, launched in 2021 by Tortona Design Week and Domus Academy. Thanks to the precious contributions of Urbo Style, Linea Light Group and Sense Intangible Reality, the idea of ​​John Tracy Connor, Maryana Concepcion Heilman, Jing-Han Yang will finally see the light of day at the roundabout via Bergognone. The gate and symbol of Tortona Design Week will be transformed into a virtual and physical installation, a manifesto for a more ecological and sustainable vision of the city of Milan, in the light of the Milan Cortina 2026 Winter Olympics.

Among the major protagonists of the event, Timberland presents “Floating Forest”, a floating multisensory forest, created as an independent ecosystem on the water of the Darsena di Milano, for a greener city. Designed for Milan Design Week 2022, in collaboration with Stefano Boeri Interiors, the Timberland installation, whose mission is to equip and inspire the new generation to move the world forward, is born out of the importance of the role that nature has and aims on emphasizing. the brand’s vision for a greener and fairer future, in line with the concept of circularity, where nothing is wasted.

IKEA will be present at BASE Milano with IKEA Festival, a rich program of events and immersive experiences to tell the future of retail and design, examine how people’s relationships with their homes have developed and show how it is possible to improve everyday life in the home. space in a conscious way. In the area it will be possible to visit the Ögonblick – A Life at home exhibition, a convincing physical and digital installation inspired by H22, a project that started in Helsingborg, Sweden, where IKEA participates with the aim of building “the sustainable city of the future “.

An electrifying vision for the design of the future will be presented by Lexus thanks to “ON /”, installation by architect and designer Germane Barnes, who unveils the prototypes of the finalists for the Lexus Design Award 2022 and showcases the ideas of students at the Royal College of Art in London with the theme mobility in 2040.

Saviola, the Saviola Group’s business unit, the first to create the ecological panel of 100% recycled wood, presents “LEGEND. The Renaissance”: the new theme that represents rebirth with respect for habitat values ​​and a lifestyle geared towards sustainability. RENEW, GENTENK… Renaissance columns introduced to create technical and aesthetic beauty in our products.Saviola’s installation is structured through an interactive and immersive path.A multisensory journey involving the visitor in the production process of post-consumer wood recycling until the application of The product in home decor.

Signed by APIMA and AICEP Portugal Global with the aim of promoting Portuguese products in the international community, MADE IN PORTUGAL is an elegant exhibition of the best Portuguese offer for home interiors: more than 100 products from different sectors within the home cluster, such as. such as furniture, lighting, cutlery, home textiles and ceramics. The exhibition aims to improve the quality, sustainability, innovation and differentiation of Portuguese decor and products.

For the occasion, Delta Light presents the products from the new Lighting Bible 14 New Collection catalog in the showroom in via Bugatti.

Following the success of the “Connect to Extraordinary” experience presented in 2021, Haier Europe returns to Tortona Design Week with a new immersive and eventful path titled “Home Switch Home”, which involves its three international brands Candy, Hoover and Haier. More than 1,000 square feet dedicated to Smart Home, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, fell ad hoc for each of the three brands and its peculiarities. The group’s experience is part of the thematic framework “Looking Ahead” for SuperDesign Show 2022 and makes it its own with increasingly innovative solutions, where devices and services converge in a connected ecosystem that improves and facilitates users’ daily experience. File blush on the entire journey is the app hOn, the group’s digital platform.

APIMA and AICEP Portugal Global with MADE IN PORTUGAL

Hypernova is the installation created by designer Sara Ricciardi for gloTM, the main character in the Superstudio Lounge area. Ricciardi invites the viewer to have an experience where nature and technology, uniqueness and diversity coexist. A path reminiscent of the brand’s philosophy, which invites us not to necessarily have to choose between two seemingly opposite possibilities, but to make them exist side by side “without compromise”.

The Roof space will also follow the same philosophy and will be curated for gloTM by TOILETPAPER magazine, the creative collective founded by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari. With Radical Pop Terrace, the goal is to recreate an urban garden with a strong visual impact. A super pop room, open to the public every day until

Decoration without borders. This is the theme proposed by Decor Lab, the decoration laboratory in via Tortona 37. Decor Lab brings together a special selection of first-class products and solutions for architecture, interior design and visual communication, adapted and able to convey a new perspective on housing to private clients, architects , designers, interior designers and communication experts who want to discover and touch first-class solutions created by specialists in personal decoration.

Saviola, LEGEND. the renaissance

Capital on the occasion of the 60th edition of Milan Design Week in 2022 wants to fully reflect the values ​​on which the company’s vision is based: flexible and dynamic, it wants to be a living space for meeting and exchange; a theater for relationships and business stories, even before it was an exhibition space for products. The capital’s flagship showroom in Milan is again the main character with an installation entitled “Air is Emotion”, selected and created in collaboration with interior designer Elena Pelosi, to best describe the showroom with an invitation to slow down.

Color Design® Lechler – “The Way of Accent” interprets the theme of sustainability and proposes four collections of colors and effects to create timeless spaces thanks to valuable, well-finished and beautiful elements that will accompany us in our domestic lives for long periods. For Lechler, discouraging the creation of waste is to promote the production of valuable “components,” where paint is a valuable element that adds or returns to provide great value.

On the occasion of Milan Design Week, Zip Zone Events, the event format devised by Alessandra Stretti to accompany and emphasize the nature of Fuorisalone, offers a multifaceted and immersive experience ranging from collective exhibitions of design, art and creations in innovative materials in their highest and purest expression. . For its fifth edition, the common thread that binds many of the exhibited works is the creative recycling of recycled materials to create unique and valuable works.

Inside the Zip Zone Events there will also be “Fuori di Design”, a collective exhibition promoted by Materioteca®. In this tenth edition, creations that result from recycling and / or material recycling are hosted. There will be the extraordinary participation of Idea Plast, whose research and development over the years has proven to be a unique source of inspiration and stimulus to give an unprecedented second life to a diverse diversity of polymeric waste.

Finally, Officina 14 offers design and craftsmanship in a suggestive location.

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