Tor Bella Monaca, 84 thousand euros spent to avoid new jobs

No one wants those houses. Although free and returned to the institutions, although assigned no one wants to go and stay there. The reason is not officially revealed, but that these apartments are scary, it is legitimate to believe that, to avoid new occupations of six months, 84,000 euros were spent to pay a private security service that guarded the building.

On the other hand, Giuseppe Moccia lived in one of the released buildings, which was previously involved in various drug investigations, he is the brother-in-law of Vincenzo Nastasi known as ‘O Principe’. We are talking about the buildings in via Santa Rita da Cascia that were once illegally occupied or lived by those who were in default.

Houses were released in September last year and returned to ATER at the end of a maxi-blitz sought after by the prefecture, in which 120 men were used, including carabinieri, police, finance police and local police. A breath of fresh air for the residents of Tor Bella Monaca and in particular for those living in the houses of Tower 50.

The Tarantella for Moccia’s apartment

Yet there, in the so-called ‘tower of legality’, it is difficult to find who – among the people on the ranking of a social housing development – wants to go and live there. An issue that the Capitol is so aware of that it talks about it at a meeting held on February 4 in Tor Bella Monaca. Of the vacated flats, two were assigned, while a further six were not. A situation that in Rome, given the housing crisis and the bureaucratic delays in rolling the rankings, may not be surprising, but in this case we are talking about a symbol. In fact, of legality.

For a property, the solution seemed to have come. Following residents’ complaints and the RomaToday article, the apartment where members of the Moccia family lived until September, albeit in default, was allocated in February last year. We had also reported the news after listening to sources from the City Council for Housing Policies of the Municipality of Rome coordinated by Tobia Zevi. However, something has gone wrong in this month and a half.

According to what has been learned, Comune and Ater would actually have done their part. The first had found the acquired family, the local public body had instead started the procedure to complete the transfer of the property. At the time of handing over the keys, however, the acquirer gave up. Moccia’s house – perhaps – is scary. What is certain is that it currently remains free. Again.

“A defeat for the institutions”

The apartment, as well as others, is therefore again available to those on the rankings. But this tarantella at the Moccia House, for the people of Tor Bella Monaca, smells of defeat. “Collecting this refusal is not only a failure for the institutions, but it is also and above all a victory for Moccias. This demonstrates the inability of the state”, emphasizes in RomaToday, Tiziana Ronzio, under guard precisely because of the threats and the aggression , which Moccias himself suffered.

The health worker and founder of the association ‘Tor più Bella’, with whom she has carried out initiatives to rebuild the area, has always been at the forefront: “Carabinieri and the prefecture are present here. They help us, but we can not collect these battles. “Supervising the task and avoiding last-minute waiver of this type of property thwarts all the work done by the police. That means it was all a waste of time.”

“The moccasins keep coming here, they use excuses, and yet they withdraw to what they think is” their “territory. People are afraid of this. We are a family and I say a legal alternative is possible and viable. ”

Who is Giuseppe Moccia

In recent years, his last name Moccia has appeared in the news several times. Giuseppe Moccia, protagonist of the attack on Tiziana Ronzio and wounded in an ambush in via dell’Archeologia when a man shot him 4 shots from a scooter a few days after his release, was recently arrested again and sentenced to a year, pending treatment . To the 39-year-old Roman, the carabinieri had not until March 19 notified the court in Rome, the measure of special surveillance with obligation to stay in the municipality of Rome and stay home at night. In these apartments in via Santa Rita da Cascia, Moccia lived with his mother and partner in 70, on the 13th floor of the tower. They were in default. At home, however, they saved € 29,465.

Over 80 thousand euros spent on avoiding business

From September to the end of March, the region spent around eighty-four thousand euros to pay for a private security service to avoid new jobs. During the six months that security officers monitored the tower, new unauthorized connections were also avoided, and the pushers were always “at work” “chased away” from the building’s entrance and basements.

Since April, that surveillance service, perhaps because it is too expensive, has been discontinued. Instead of the inspectors, an alarm system for each apartment connected directly to the police operating room and averted any attempted abuse.

The proposal

What can the institutions do to resolve the issue and prevent others in the rankings from denying Tor Bella Monaca apartments? In the case, Nella Converti, councilor for the Democratic Party in Campidoglio and chair of the Social Policy Commission, intervened, which does not hide the responsibility of the municipality and the institutions in general: “In a neighborhood where about 14 criminal groups coexist, where social and economic fragility “is the most significant of all Rome, we must not make the mistake of blaming the urban population who decide not to accept the opportunity. This means that the presence of institutions, social security, is not perceived as they should be.” .

Converti already has the next step in mind, also to give the right responsibility to those who follow the questions regarding the allocation of properties: “Soon I will ask the chairman of the Housing and Cultural Heritage Commission to hold a meeting right in the ‘tower of’ legality “. in this case the problem is twofold, both with housing shortages but also social security”. According to the councilor for the Democratic Party, the way to involve the citizens and the inhabitants of “that tower together is to understand which way to go”.

Then the admission: “It will not be easy to fill the void left by years of total absence of policy in that area, but we can no longer procrastinate. Once we have taken this path, I am sure there will soon be no one there. will give up a fundamental right as a home “popular, just as no one will choose to avoid Tor Bella Monaca”.

The seats vacated by the Tor bella Monaca clans must be filled immediately

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