to Piero Angela Honorary Citizenship (VIDEO)

Nemi grants Piero Angela honorary citizenshipa recognition more than ever deserved for this extraordinary journalist and science-fiction scholar who has been man symbol of the culture and dissemination of Italian history and art and beyond, and who still today at his venerable age of 93 does not stop believing in these values ​​and committing himself to making them a reality.

For this reason, precisely on the occasion of the important honor which will be given to him by the Mayor of Nemi Alberto Bertucci, the famous conductor has promised to reveal himself in the first person, so important investors like Elon Musk or Bill Gates are interested in the reconstruction of one of Caligula’s two ships, declares: “I will commit myself as a citizen of Nemi to contacting them”.

Piero Angela, Honorary Citizen of Nemi: “I want to work for the reconstruction of one of Caligula’s ships”

On June 5, he returns to Nemi la Strawberry festival and flower show now in its 89th edition. The event is an opportunity for rebirth for the city and for its important traditions linked to local products, following two years of restrictions from Covid, and which the Local Government will celebrate by donating honorary citizenship to Piero Angela.

The award was enthusiastically received by the scientific popularizer, who announced his intention to promote Nemi and the Strawberry Event on June 5, both with a video on the institutional Facebook page to reveal the historical, archaeological, cultural wonders of Nemi, with his personal appearance, as with the commitment to contact major investors for the reconstruction of one of the two ships in Caligula, and has stated in this connection: Thanks to Mayor Alberto Bertucci. Elon Musk or Bill Gates should invest in rebuilding one of Caligula’s two ships, As a citizen of Nemi, I want to commit to contacting them ”.

Nemi restarts with culture and Strawberry Festival: Piero Angela receives honorary citizenship (VIDEO) 1

Therefore, even the centuries-old tradition of Nemi strawberries continues where it left off two years ago, to rediscover the beautiful “Fragolare” protagonists in the procession in procession for the whole city with the traditional costume: red skirt, black bustier, white blouse and lace mandrucella on the head.

The calendar for the 89th edition of this festival promises to be even a little for the “arrears” to be recovered, really full of beautiful action and naturally rich in strawberries. Throughout the first week of June, it will be possible to taste the area’s two typical varieties, namely wild strawberries and strawberries without losing the opportunity to taste and take home jams, liqueurs and fragolino sparkling wine.

The program for the opening day of the Strawberry Festival and Flower Show

  • At 10.00 the Holy Mass is celebrated at the Santuario del Santissimo Crocifisso
  • 11.00, inauguration of the Flower and Art Exhibition along the city’s historic center
  • Kl. 11.30 parade of the magnificent strawberries in typical costume starting from Piazza Umberto at. 13.00, greeting by the Mayor of Nemi Alberto Bertucci and the authorities present
  • Kl. 16.00 parade of the magnificent strawberries in typical costume accompanied by the folkloristic group Terra Nemorense,
  • 19.00 free distribution of strawberries to all present.
  • 21.00 music and cabaret show
  • 23.00 fireworks.

Strawberry Festival and Flower Show should be considered as the season opening event Nemi’s summer program, which continues with a rich summer program and culminates in the 2022 edition of Borgo DiVino, from 9 to 11 September.

On this occasion, as all loyal tourists now know, the historic center of the village of Nemi will come to life with three evenings dedicated to tastingsthematic insights and masterclasses dedicated to the pleasure of wine. is on Google News:
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