The trends you must not miss for home decor

Based on research conducted by Stelrada British company operating in the interior design sector, it turned out that there are at least 7 most popular and followed interior design trends on the social channel Tik Tok.

Tik Tok is a relatively new social network that has become a real reference for all kinds of trends, just keep in mind that most of influencer use this platform.

Even for the decor, there are proportions of millions of people who through hashtag they send what interests them most in trend.

About hashtags, which are a real search on social networks, like inserting one or more keywords on Googlein terms of interior design, there are several trends found with millions of mentions.

Network users, for example, are increasingly attracted to the retro flavor, even when it comes to furniture, and in fact on Tik Tok it seems that there are more than 40 million views of videos of vintage design. The vintage category defines from a temporal point of view that it mostly refers to the 70s-80s of the 1900s. To search for vintage design was the most clicked hashtag #vintagedecor.

In addition, a very young audience has also shown a renewed interest in used furniture, such as the furniture that can be found at flea markets or at least when it comes to furnishing items, more and more users are looking for the memorabilia that many, adapted to modernity needs, would put in the basement or attic.

What are the most commonly used hashtags on Tik Tok for decor?

Another trend interior design it is maximalism in style, that is, users are increasingly on the hunt for less neutral and more crucial decor elements also in terms of color. This is because we look for details that express character and provide a sense of presence and experience that is often not perceived in overly modern styles.

the hashtag #maximalist decor has over 25 million views.

And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes. wall panels.

These panels are reminiscent of the style of period homes and are most often located in the bedrooms or living rooms.

To follow, the Grandmillenial style it is a trend that brings together a more dated taste and contemporary influences, where one finds a furniture combination that makes the rooms unique and completely special and personal.

This hashtag has over 7 million views.

#Botanical interior is the hashtag most used by green enthusiasts, ie those who love plants as decor elements.

It is, after all, well known that a corner reminiscent of the exterior creates a kind of more peaceful and vital environment.

How to become an interior design expert

Keeping up to date with trends is definitely a useful activity for those with a passion for interior design, but if you want to take up the subject as interior designer the way to go is exercise.

Many interior designers usually have degrees in architecture, but a degree is not the only way to pursue this type of career; in fact, by taking less time and achieving the same result, a specific training course can be completed.

Take the MAC Training interior design course and you will become an interior design expert who obtains an internationally valid certification that can be used in various professional areas.

Through the structured course offered by MAC Formazione, those who complete this path actually learn to manage all phases of design of an interior piece of furniture. Curiosity, imagination and attention to detail are the only requirements.

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