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from Orsola Riva

While the regular competition is still taking place, an extraordinary competition reserved for substitutes will arrive in mid-June. Wins 14 thousand seats. The oral test does not contain a minimum score

While the much-contested ordinary competition with crosses, which were supposed to bring 33,000 new middle and high school teachers to the chair, is advancing under the fire of dozens of reports of wrong questions, meaningless procedures, various blunders, the Ministry of Education is defining the final details of it ‘yet another super-facilitated test reserved for substitutes with more than three years’ replacement in public schools. According to the Milleproroghe Decree, it was to take place by 15 June: there are still 14 thousand seats, a fifth of which in Lombardy, are mainly intended to cover the covered chairs in Italian and mathematics in middle and high school, of which there are a chronic deficiency especially in the Nordic countries. Good news for the school, then? Not so. Why the final limit of the simplified competition represented by a single oral test which, by decision of the Ministry, does not set a minimum score below which one is rejected;. The choice not to set barriers serves to prevent them from being promoted from fewer vacancies, but in this way there is a risk that in order to allocate all 14,000 professorships at a high risk, the average level of candidates will be dangerously lowered. . Very questionable choice due to three years of service in the schools is enough to earn a merit for the public administration, but certainly not to guarantee the necessary education to meet the gigantic education challenge that today, anyone who goes to teach in middle school or high school faces.

It is true, yes sacred, that in the final result, in addition to the result registered in the oral test (max. 100 points), titles and service (additional 50 points maximum) are also weighed. But what is the feeling where no one is rejected? Not to mention the absurd overlap with the regular competition, which instead requires a minimum score of 70 out of 100, and which registers very high rejection rates. Paradoxical result: which was rejected in the cross-examination and was not admitted to the oral examination in the ordinary competition, which lasts 45 minutes and includes the design of a simulated lesson where the candidate can demonstrate not only his disciplinary skills but also his teaching and pedagogical skills – in any case, he can have direct access to the organino for the extraordinary competition, provided he has the fateful three years of service behind him (if they are instead two and a half, no: rejected and he remains rejected). And in the event of a positive outcome, he will be able to take the chairmanship after the summer at the same time as those who have meanwhile passed the double written and oral test in the ordinary competition and earned the right to participate in the role by winning an equal competition.

It leaves so groggy during the trial year the only anticipated improvementat least until further notice – the ministry may lose until the announcement is published in May – is represented by 5 (five!) university credits, corresponding to 40 sparse hours of teaching. All the while the government is completing a reform of the basic education system with a focus on annual competitions, which, when fully operational, can only be accessed if, in addition to the education, you will have a further 60 education points equivalent to one year of university education plus internship . It is possible that precisely while, thanks to PNRR, a new system is being defined in which we – in the words of Minister Patrizio Bianchi – focus on training as an element of innovation and greater qualification of the whole system, with one last blow from the tail, is still an amnesty allowed.fact that has nothing to do with the quality requirements that the reform claims?

26 April 2022 (change 28 April 2022 | 18:13)

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