The platform that projects Tuscan design into the world is born

“I intend to tell a hundred short stories in which fortunate events will be seen in modern times as well as in the ancient ones.” Giovanni Boccaccio thus described in 1353 the intent of his Decameron.
The plague of the time imposed a quarantine that caused a group of young people to lock themselves inside some rooms, to tell stories and spend the difficult time. The B (u) y Design portal was inspired by this idea, an opportunity that comes from a crisis, a virtual platform that enables Tuscan design to reach, thanks to a first virtual step, worldwide. , thus allowing exchanges and meetings in the presence of between 2.0 artisans and designers from the major architectural firms of the Arab world, the Asian, American, African and European.

The pandemic of our time, in a parallelism between epochs, has forced creativity into virtual ‘spaces’, but open thanks to the network. “The relationship with Boccaccio’s Decameron is very close,” says Irene Burroni, director of the Centro Sperimentale del Mobile. underlying Boccaccio’s work: the need to find oneself, in a time of plague then, today for us at Covid, in a context where we can talk about beauty, innovation and therefore themes that have no specific relevance to pandemic. The original concept for B (u) y Design is therefore the same as for Decameron ».

The integrated interactive advertising platform for the internationalization of the Tuscan furniture design system was conceived for local meetings with selected high-level operators from around the world.
“B (u) Y Design” explains Piero Pii, President of the Centro Sperimentale del Mobile, one of the creators of the project “was created to launch the high quality furniture manufacturing sector in the medium term, in particular to overcome barriers that arise, they are created in international preparedness such as the pandemic or now the Ukrainian crisis, and which weighs on the small and medium-sized enterprises that Tuscany is riddled with ».

S.over 100 companies in furniture, lighting, accessories, outdoor housing, hospitality and commercial areas are involved in the possibility of virtual ‘B2B’ meetings in the portal. Thirty, on the other hand, have been selected for ‘showcase’, a set of images that flow through telling their products, representative of Tuscan expertise, in 10 rooms, as many as there are Tuscan provinces, in parallel with the stories of Decameron . Each space represents a province, represented by a keyword describing the connection with the territory. Florence is innovation, the Siena heritage, the Grosseto nature, the Livorno stories, the Arezzo sociability, the Pisa ritual, the Lucca slowness, the Pistoia balance, the Massa plant and the Prato landscape. A description not only of the artisanal product of excellence, but of a genuine sensory journey that Tuscany evokes in the visitor.

«The innovative element of the project» continues Burroni «is actually the combination of several elements. We have tried to put together the more strategic side of the virtual experience, which tells the idea behind production, manufacturing, companies’ operational activity together with a commercial action, which is what enables our companies to move with greater competitiveness internationally market level. ».

According to data provided by ICE, the Agency for the Promotion and Internationalization of Italian Companies, the Tuscan district made an important contribution to the Italian design system in the first 11 months of 2021: Tuscany exported products worth more than 1 billion euros, especially in relation to the entire living-design system. A replicable model, that of B (u) y Design, from the national context? “Absolutely yes – concluded Burroni – we have our colleagues from districts in other regions, linked to furniture, from Veneto to Marches. We are talking to them precisely to be able to replicate that.” The project will develop in the coming months, until May 2023, in presence. B (u) y Design will welcome small groups of visitors to companies in the various production areas of Tuscany, consisting of selected operators from around the world.

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