The non-Camorra culture and the shameful clipping video

A terrible video. A step back in time thousands of years, to bring us back to the Stone Age. A fact that must not go unnoticed. A woman from Caivano takes revenge on her rival’s house in Naples, and with unprecedented violence while others watch and film the scene, she throws her to the ground and cuts her hair. That poor thing defends herself as best she can. She can be heard whining, “A., I love you. Enough! I love you. “But Mrs. A., furious, holds her still, on the ground, and cuts her hair with a sharp pair of scissors, while she continues to threaten her:” Will you be killed? ”

The video goes around on social media. It is not excluded that she, like Mrs. A. in search of visibility on Tik Tok, also wanted to achieve this result. A disgusting scene. Meanwhile, other women are also begging for the violent ones: “Alessia, do not stab her. Do not stab her. ‘ A completely female thriller. And that’s what to say.

The shame comes to an end. A. is satisfied. She managed – an ancestral and disgusting gesture – to impose on the woman she hates the “just” punishment. Revenge is fulfilled. She can go home, sure that the unfortunate of fear will not file a complaint. We’re on barbarism. The disgust and dismay are unanimous.

The video is already in the hands of investigators, who will definitely do their duty. But we want to ask ourselves some questions that go beyond the law, which – by their very nature – can only punish crimes. We wonder how we got this far. Perhaps Umberto Eco was right when he stated that “Social media gives the right to speak to legions of idiots who previously only spoke at the bar over a glass of wine, without harming society.” A snake bites its own tail. In order to appear and be recognized, many post everything that might fascinate on these channels. And if they have nothing to discuss, then they descend here into the most stinking abysses of the human heart to bring something forth. And to think that Caivano on the video surveillance rankings reached a 1,614. space.

In recent days, the bishop has Antonio Di Donnaon the occasion of President Mattarella’s visit to Acerra, his diocese, to commemorate a massacre that took place in October 1943, in which 88 people were massacred by withdrawn Nazi troops, he said he was a little disappointed with the president’s words. from the Campania region, Dr. Vincenzo De Luca, who would like to inform that the tragedy “Terra dei fuochi” has been resolved and that Campania is now the most monitored region in Italy.

Things are connected. In recent days, police have dismantled a couple of clans operating in the northern Naples area, between Arzano, Frattaminore, Frattamaggiore, which has put at least thirty people in jail, including several women. Not even time to sing the victory and already the night between Monday and last Tuesday, the usual cowards have fired several shots at the address of a garage in my country.

Things are connected. It is necessary to have a global view. The state in these territories must be more present in all its teams. We are grateful for the command of the Carabinieri, of the Prefect of Naples, and of the Minister Luciana Lamorgese, who, by accepting our repeated requests, transformed the lieutenant of the Carabinieri of Caivano into a company. There must be more specialized staff in the area and a close network of state-of-the-art video surveillance. But above all, it is necessary that the rights – all of them – reserved for northern Italians are also secured to southern Italians.

That video is simply shameful. A woman – apparently she is also a mother – who after two months of quarrel that took place on Women’s Day in a well-known Neapolitan club – and then continued on social media – feels the need to take her revenge in the cold, in a horrible way, it is more serious than it may seem at first glance. Social services need to monitor these people. Several times I have written that “The Camorra is a cursed tree that has its cursed roots in a cursed terrain that is the Camorra culture”. Or rather the subculture, the non-culture of the Camorra; that set, that is, of ways of reasoning, of thinking, of acting, which give rise to unwritten rules, which must then be observed at all costs.

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