The first Sky Park was born in Rome, sports and culture touched the sky – Lazio

Playing sports, watching a show or just meeting friends by “touching” the sky, in the embrace of the buildings of one of the capital’s most populous suburbs, on the giant open roof of a disused multi-storey car park: it’s on a “square” that was not there and is now accessible to the community at Casilino Sky Park, a major urban redevelopment project combining sociality, sport, culture and street art, inaugurated today in the 5th Commune of Rome, between the Alessandrino, Centocelle, Torre Maura and Torre Spaccata districts, in the presence of Mayor Gualtieri. The first Italian cloud park, conceived and built by Fusolab, with the support of IGT, in collaboration with the association a.DNA, LifeGate and IGD, the project will officially open on June 2 to offer affordable prices (but for some categories it is fully planned exemption) a range of sporting and cultural activities aimed primarily at the youngest. Already at first glance, the area is impressive: if the gaze sweeps towards the city, which opens all the way around, there is over 3800 square meters of completely free air ‘underfoot’ (on the fourth floor of a parking lot that has now been newly developed). , close to a shopping center), equipped with sports courts for paddle, pickleball, football, street basketball, skating, skateboarding and parkour, a fitness center and areas dedicated to bodyweight gymnastics, crossfit and calisthenics, space for activities playful-recreational with innovative teaching for the smallest (it is also thought to welcome children followed by social centers and those arriving from Ukraine), a summer arena that will host music and theater performances, cinema and book presentations, as well as areas for socializing, coworking, bars and restaurants. Alongside functionality and inclusive approach Casilino Sky Park also promotes street art in a sustainable way, thanks to the participation of three internationally acclaimed artists, Alice Pasquini, who have designed the vertical surfaces using Airlite, a technology applied as a paint that helps clean the air Giulio Vesprini and Uno, who painted their art on the playgrounds and the perimeter panoramic layout (the works are curated by Mirko Pierri from a DNA project). “This is an example of the good practice that we would like to have throughout the city: Urban renewal with the use of abandoned spaces as well as the spread of sports facilities in the area, because that is where people live, that essential services are needed, other than the stadium in Rome or Lazio “, said Mayor Roberto Gualtieri during the inauguration – along with Daniele Leodori, Vice President of the Lazio Region, Mauro Caliste, President of Municipality V, and Vito Cozzoli, President and CEO of Sports and Health – and emphasized the dual nature of a project rooted in the neighborhood “but also cosmopolitan, where associations are the main character”. And of course, in this suburb that rejects the concept of margin and claims beauty, it is the Fusolab guys who make the difference, with an inexhaustible passion and a great desire to do: they will be the ones to steer a project that strives for important figure (for the first year, it is estimated a flow corresponding to 60 thousand attendances, with an annual growth of 20 percentage points until they reach 100,000 visitors permanently) and which aims to gather all citizens of the V-municipality around their energy. “We really started from scratch, on the 1st floor of a basement in Prenestino, and now we’ve made an attack on the sky: it’s nice to see things happen, here’s our whole group, we’re guys from the suburbs, that these neighborhoods have experienced them, “said Dario Minghetti, president of Fusolab. “Supporting and enhancing cultural heritage, collection and inclusion, promoting street art and sustainability: the project represents everything we believe in. Opening a market two days after the date that marks the end of two terrible years of pandemic is a beautiful coincidence added Fabio Cairoli, CEO of IGT Global Lottery.

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