The classic townhouse transformed into a sophisticated bespoke space

IN Vicenza landscape, a terraced house with garden hiding in an intimate and sophisticated place, very far from the traditional aesthetics of the typical semi-detached houses. Profit ofarchitect Giacomo Tottiwhich gets stuck and redesigns it completely.


His project – perhaps the most difficult – is a gift to his sister Elena and brother-in-law Filippo: “Working with relatives is never easy”. Completed just in time to welcome the newborn Sveva, the family nest in Malo was far too rustic for the 34-year-old designer’s taste. Interior designer, designer and refined collector from the twentieth century, he rebels against the idea of ​​the cottage with exposed beams and the pub in the basement, considers it a stereotype and advises against buying it for the couple.

«Built in the late 90s, op three levels, the architecture was completely wrong, a mess of light, unhappy cuts, proportions, finishes and divisions. The small living room, the dark kitchen, the clumsy stairs: I redone everything. I did not want to know, but my sister fell in love with the dog and chicken garden, the surrounding fields, the convenience of being in a small town with Vicenza only twenty miles away. I worked by subtracting, removing what is possible before I rebuilt from scratch ». Totti designer and designer, chisel volumes, calibrate the colorsuse straight and sculptural lines for his pieces. The materials are precious: Vienna straw, bullets, brass, lakaj, velvet. Smiling admits that there is no shortage of modernist nostalgia.



Here, in the house transformed from an ugly duckling into a swan, his style is always and crucial neo-retro meets the owners’ most modern taste: between Limited Edition and quotes from the twentieth century check some projects of Dordoni and gods Bouroulleceven if they win year and it tailor-made. “When friends come in, they’re amazed. Let’s say it’s not really a normal house. I think it’s special, it reflects Giacomo’s talent, and that makes it dear to me. I like the furniture, he has designed because they are unique, he made them only for us.He found vintage furniture and candles one by one in his research, i appreciate that they are exclusive and not approved that they have written history. desk by Gio Ponti in the bedroom or the Art Deco flower rugs. We decided together every detail, every nuance after many reasonings and discussions. The light blue room, the blue and eggplant bathroom, the sage, teal and gold room. Powder coating in the kitchen is my idea. The pink and the golden accents I wanted them to warm up the environment, ”says Elena Totti. The only complaint is about the length of the work, flashing, he explains that the family project did not always have priority over other customers. But Giacomo takes care of every detail for her, and for this it takes time. In the rooms he shows collectibles Italian design: Franco Albini, Gio Ponti, Giotto Stoppino, Gino Sarfatti, Vico Magistretti. The rest is created by him, and his endless care comes to mind the profiled portals in Verde Alpi marble and the pleated patches in blue-green enamel and brass that decorate the hall. “Since I could not remove the central pillar in the living room, I highlighted it by covering it with one canned plaster coming in again circular table top, another choice required by pre-existing systems. A full-height mobile quintet rotates around the column rattan, inspired by the Thonet weaves of the late 1800s. It is an oversized screen that from time to time screens the different areas of the open space living area ». Totti tells and snorts a little and already now, when the construction site is closed, remembers the effort to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. His pride is the living room of only forty square meters. By assembling the hallway, kitchen and dining room, he succeeded expand the spacecreate a variety of open environments who overlook each other while preserving their own identity. The next challenge is to imagine Sveva’s bedroom. While she is still sleeping in a cot next to mom and dad, the architect clan is designing it, though the pink bows are certainly forbidden with him.


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