The British desire to buy houses for 1 euro in Sicily is growing

In recent days, the news is that Salemi and the phenomenon of renovating houses bought for 1 euro will be the main characters in an eight-episode documentary series that will be broadcast on BBC One, and which tells step by step about all phases of the renovation of The property, purchased by the same production company.

The main characters in the documentaries will be the actress Amanda Holdenone of the four judges on the show ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, and host Alan Carr. In fact, the English production company Voltage TV has found it appropriate to buy the house directly by taking advantage of the opportunity from the administration of the village of Trapani province and then proposing a TV format that will focus on Salemi, on architectural, naturalistic and food and wine in the small town and the entrepreneurial activities that revolve around its neighborhood.

Salemi boasts a kind of birthrightIn fact, the house for 1 euro was first proposed about 12 years ago by the art critic and TV personality Vittorio Sgarbi who at the time had served as auditor for Salemi and the goal was to save the city’s dilapidated historic center. But it was only in recent years that the 1 euro model of houses has captured the global imagination and attracted many buyers, especially foreigners, who have joined the initiative by buying the houses, giving life to homes that have been left for years. A winning and viral idea that has been so successful that it has been replicated in many other cities, around 34 municipalities throughout Italy, which with this initiative have attracted tourists and new residents by relaunching the local economy.

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To date in Sicily, the places where the 1 euro houses project is currently active are: Sambuca, Grotte and Cammarata in Agrigento, Castiglione di Sicilia and Caltagirone in Catania, Troina, Leonforte and Regalbuto, Piazza Armerina in Enna, Salemi and Calatafimi Segesta in Trapani, Gangi and Lercara in Palermo, Mussom Augusta in the province of Syracuse, San Piero Patti, Itala and Castel di Lucio, which are instead located in the province of Messina.

Salemi Village (TP)

Potential buyers interested in buying a house in Salemi should submit a detailed restyling plan to demonstrate their commitment to buying the home. They will be able to see photos of the available properties along with maps identifying their location, and download the application forms on the municipal council’s institutional website when the project is active. Renovation projects will also be assessed on the basis of urban impact.

“A great opportunity to continue the promotion of the city, which we have run for many years now – says the Mayor of Salemi, Domenico Venuti, about the documentaries that will be broadcast on BBC One – the interest in the Case initiative for 1 Euro is growing, and at the same time the interest in Salemi and the model for urban renewal is combined with sustainability and respect for the history of places. growth that we offer to those who decide to invest in our city “.

Some initiatives have also been taken for entrepreneurial activities in the city center, financed with funds from the municipal budget: In particular, it is possible to ask for up to ten thousand euros as a grant to those who intend to open a new business, or to those who intend to invest further in an existing one. Those who intend to convert one of the properties into a B&B or other form of commercial structure with economic activity will receive extra points and tax deductions. All buyers must pay a deposit of € 3,000, which will be returned if the makeover is completed within three years.

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