The best children’s books to avoid wasting water

Although the saying goes “as easy as drinking a glass of water”, consume water consciously it is not something so obvious, and it is essential to understand the value of a gesture that is only seemingly trivial, from an early age. Water is actually the essential source of life, but we do not always remember to give it the right meaning.

For this it is necessary to bring the little ones closer to the theme by utilizing, perhaps some enjoy readingto help them understand how water is not just the thing that comes out of the tap, but a very valuable resource that we must not waste in any way.

Let’s close the tap! by Jean-René Gombert (Kite)

Why do we all need water? How is it used in our society? Who pollutes the water? And how can you save it? This agile and funny book responds simpler questions (and therefore more important) than children who want to live a fun adventure with Kikothe organic elk, which will also show them the habits they need to adopt to help the environment every day.

Reading age: from 5 years

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We protect the water. Handbook for the young ecologist by Water Family (Slow Food Publisher)

Being environmentally friendly is not just for adults: even children can do their part! Thanks to this book illustrated by Nicolas Trèves, young readers will be able to discover the main concepts ecological thinkingwith a focus especially on the importance of water and the risks associated with using it incorrectly. Then there are tips to save water on a daily basis and become aware that a right decision today can save our tomorrow.

Reading age: from 8 years.

My planet. Waterfall by Isabel Thomas (Science Editorial)

With the applied approach and interdisciplinarity, this illustrated book stimulates children’s curiosity about scientific notions (Where does the water come from? How are clouds formed? And the rainbow?) And creative activities to put ecological experiments and advice into practice. In this way, children learn while having fun, observe the properties of the element and study the phenomena that pertain to it. Because if you know water, you do not waste it!

Reading age: from 8 years.

Stories for girls and boys who want to save the world by Carola Benedetto and Luciana Ciliento (De Agostini)

If teaching is given by example, then this book is ideal for teaching children to protect Mother Nature. From Greta Thunberg to Leonardo dicapriofrom Tiziano Guardin to Emma Watson, Stories for girls and boys who want to save the world gathers 17 life experiences from people who have decided to save the world day after day. Each of the main characters has actually been engaged in their own way, but all have taken the front line, with concrete actions that have made and will make a difference.

Reading age: from 9 years

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From aqua to there by Emiliano Ponzi (Gribaudo)

A very original malebog illustrated by Emiliano Ponzi, who shows the little ones all the anti-waste behaviors that can be adopted every day. The special thing about the work, as well as in the beautiful drawings, is that you, together with the book, also receive a small blue brush, the color of which however, it is not enough to fill all the pages. Like the water on our planet, therefore, color must also be used wisely, and this is the greatest lesson a child can learn. Unfortunately, the circulation was limited, so the book is not very easy to find.

Reading age: from 3 years

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Bumbas water by Roberto Piumini (Interlinea)

A small book for children – but also useful for older children – which tells one contemporary adventures, where what seems to us pure imagination is unfortunately reality in some parts of the world. The story actually takes place in Africa, where little Bumba decides that he wants to act like the adults in the village who have to put a vase upside down every morning and go to the well to have some water. On the way, however, he meets an old man with a white dog, who asks him for some of his precious water …

Reading age: from 7 years

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Nice water. 10 stories about the most valuable asset (with CD) by Laura Fusca, Giancarlo Migliorati, Andrea Molesini and Emanuela Nava (EMI)

The book includes ten texts – some in prose, others in verse – to get to know every nuance of the source of life par excellence: water, so important and so delicate that it must be protected at all costs. Along with the lyrics, there is also a CD where the narrative voices see the presence of famous names like Lella Costa, Anna Bonel, Giovanni Storti, Dario Vergassola or Marina Massironi.

Reading age: from 8 years

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