“The agricultural machinery exhibition is in Tarquinia, we will ask for compensation and I will contact the prosecutor” – Civonline.it

TARQUINIA – A trade fair planned by the Lazio region and recognized as a Tarquinia agricultural machinery exhibition cannot be held elsewhere under penalty of civil, criminal, image and economic damage.

And it is on this road that the Mayor of Tarquinia Alessandro Giulivi intends to move after sending a letter to the Mayor of Civitavecchia Ernesto Tedesco in which he asks to revoke the resolution announcing the Tarquinia Fair in Civitavecchia. Request for revocation of the decision of the Council of the Municipality of Civitavecchia

“The agricultural machinery exhibition is the Tarquinia exhibition and no one can take it from us – said Mayor Giulivi during the press conference this morning – If Civitavecchia wants to make an exhibition, then get started, call it the Santa Fermina Agricultural Machinery Exhibition, but that Tarquinia is and remains in Tarquinia. I will do everything in my power to do, both to the municipal administration of Civitavecchia and to Paolo Giorgi as President of Pro Tarquinia, to protect the image and economic damage that has been inflicted on our city. They will pay the consequences of it all. On Tuesday, I will bring the documents to the prosecution “.

A river flooding the first Etruscan citizen, who this morning reproduced all stages of the agricultural machinery exhibition in Tarquinia, with Giorgi’s mistakes and delays – which he himself admitted under the Order and Security Committee – in presenting the documents for the realization of a trade fair event started being talked about, with large-scale and renewal projects, already in February.

“Stop now, Tarquinia will resume its own trade fair, with the municipal administration and the traders’ associations at the helm, which certainly represents a greater guarantee and protection for the event. That is why we wrote to Regional Councilor Orneli to ask to move the trade fair event to September and to request to bring the exhibition under the organization of Tarquinia Municipality ”.

FACTS The last exhibition of agricultural machinery was held in Tarquinia three years ago – explained Mayor Giulivi – when this administration had not yet taken office and the Commissioner was there. It took place regularly in Tarquinia Lido, then there was a two-year detention due to Covid. This year, when we understood that the end of the pandemic emergency would be declared at the end of March and we would be able to resume the demonstration, we immediately set to work. “

“On February 17,” explained the mayor, “we summoned the president of Pro Tarquinia, Paolo Giorgi, to the municipality and asked him for a number of documents related to the association, such as the statute, budget and any other action necessary for the establishment and authorization of the event. because if the municipality is to intervene financially for the realization of an event, it must have what it takes. “The planned project was on a large scale,” recalled Deputy Mayor Luigi Serafini: involves, for example, Arsial, agricultural associations. The aim was to bring agriculture back to the center of the exhibition in its entirety: with conferences involving the University of Tuscia, the cooperatives, the Biodistretto, the Cardarelli Institute. To support Pro Tarquinia, we said that we are also ready to join the organization as a municipality, but unfortunately that has not happened. “

“After February 17 – Mayor Giulivi reconstructed – there was a long silence on the part of Pro Tarquinia. At this time, Tarquinia Municipality wrote a letter, dated March 21, stating that all documentation regarding both the security plan and Pro Tarquinia should be received no later than March 26. But still silence.On April 4, 2022, Pro Tarquinia, for me as mayor, asks us for vacancies inside the fairgrounds, and as usual the whole part where the event will take place.Two letters dated April 4, about 20 days before the date of the event.I respond by saying that this administration intends to offer its cooperation in the realization of the event.I also add the reminder to send the security plan to the prefecture, which we still This letter is dated April 11. After the letter, the offices do everything possible and approve the occupation of public land, then the competent sector and the local police give ok. general protocol acquires the documents and the tax sector reports that in addition to the payment of public land of 5 thousand 301 euros, Pro Tarquinia has not paid the Tosap assessments for the year 2018 and year 2019, for a total of 44 thousand 117, 65 euros. On April 7, we receive a further request for an executive order for occupancy of public areas like the previous one, and the City Planning Office issues ok. I do not know when Giorgi sent the security plan to the prefecture, perhaps close to April 14th. At that time, time was limited. It should be emphasized that I had already specified in the letter of 11 April that the management of the fair also demanded that “an explicit security plan should be sent to the prefecture, the approval of which involves not only the municipality of Tarquinia but also other bodies and organizations, It is therefore obvious that the late presentation could constitute a real and concrete obstacle to the actual implementation of the event and this regardless of the Municipality’s participation ”.

“The negative statement from the prefecture arrives on April 14 – Giulivi emphasizes – and subsequently a letter arrives from Pro Tarquinia. On April 15, the association renounced the occupation of public land on the basis of the refusal letter from the prefect. In the meantime, however, the municipality moved forward: We have tried to enter into dialogue with the prefecture to try to solve the problem, and the prefect has convened another order and security table by April 21, to check the security plan and see what happens. The draft report refers to the trade fair event “temporarily suspended due to the prefecture’s negative opinion”. The report reports that Giorgi assumes full responsibility for having submitted the security plan late (and thus acknowledging his own mistake) prepared with a short time available (but why, if the trade fair project had already been talked about and planned eight in February? ) Maybe because something was already in mind? – asks Giulivi – From January to April he had all the time he wanted to prepare the case. Giorgi therefore stated, according to the minutes, that he had canceled the event, relieving the exhibitors of their involvement, believing that given the gravity of the case he would not have had the opportunity and time to remedy the circumstances. The prefect, having taken note of Giorgi’s statements, nevertheless left the floor to the various members of the table for the various shortcomings found to carry out the event in any case. “In the committee, Giorgi has not stated that he had contacted Civitavecchia for holding the same fair in the port municipality.

Minutes of the Provincial Committee on Public Order and Safety

THE SCANDAL THATThe Order and Security Committee of April 21 closes at 13.50; the decision of the municipality of Civitavecchia reports the schedule at. 13.15 the same day. So before the Security Committee discussed the Tarquinia trade fair, a resolution was already ready in Civitavecchia. But even worse, the resolution is reminiscent of the request from Pro Tarquinia on April 19, two days before the Security Committee, in which Giorgi participated without, however, illustrating the intention to realize the Tarquinia trade fair in Civitavecchia. “Only when I returned from Viterbo to Tarquinia did I become aware of the decision of the municipality of Civitavecchia – stressed Giulivi – so the question is: how long have they organized this thing? Probably long before all the letters passed. Yesterday morning, before the press conference, called I to the German mayor and asked what happened.I explained to my colleague that they could not hold the Tarquinia Agricultural Machinery Fair in Civitavecchia, at least invited them to call it the Fiera di Santa Fermina or otherwise.Not only. I also wrote a letter to the mayor of Civitavecchia asking for the resolution to be revoked, and the municipality of Tarquinia also wrote to Regional Councilor Paolo Orneli asking to move the date of the exhibition to 9, 10 and 11 September and bring it back. to the municipality of Tarquinia through the structures and companies that organized Divino Etrusco with the involvement of industry associations.The ownership of this exhibition can not taken by a phantom company like Pro Tarquinia, I do not know if this president has been duly elected by the council because we do not have the statutes and budgets ”.

FACILITIESI have already given a mandate to a lawyer for all the activities to protect the municipality from the damage to the image, the financial and the whole situation that has happened, against the various actors: Pro Tarquinia and in President Paolo Giorgi’s natural person and many people from Civitavecchia municipality who will have to take responsibility – announced Giulivi – There will be someone who will go to analyze all the incidents that have happened and will explain to us how it went. That is what I wanted to explain to the citizens ”.

Doubt ABOUT CIVITAVECCHIA “I have the shape of Rome’s prefecture, and it’s not much different from Viterbos’s in terms of issuing permits,” Mayor Giulivi added. According to the press conference, the head of the port area of ​​the Adsp of Civitavecchia would have stated that he had not received any request for permission, and also given the new floor that he could not approve the passage of the machines with demolition of the gates. Doubts also arose that the municipality of Civitavecchia would have accepted a fair without bail insurance to guarantee any damage and without further permits, in the belief that the permits for the stalls could also be valid for this further event.

Meanwhile, from Civitavecchia, Mayor Ernesto Tedesco has not yet clarified whether he intends to revoke the resolution or not, he intervened instead to say: “I was amazed to hear about the words and tone used. this morning during a press conference by the mayor of Tarquinia – reading a note – It’s funny that the series of mildly absurd statements (but our style is certainly different) come with the call to my administration to use common sense. have preferred to let it pass, but unfortunately I am obliged to take note of it: we will assess everything in the relevant forums, for the one who has the authority, perhaps the same one you intend to invoke, carefully weighs everything that has been said “.

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