Technicians and janitors, a permanent position in the school: you can apply to enter the rankings

The competition is only open to qualifications aimed at annual employment and temporary replacements: especially the precarious workers are interested

LUCCA. The official name is “Rankings Ata 24 months”. The significance, concretely and which can change the lives of hundreds of people, is the possibility that the temporary employees in the school’s administrative, technical and support staff can enter the permanent rankings, ie. those used to assign positions as role (i.e., indefinitely) and “long” temps, such as annuals. Only qualifying competitions will be valid for the ranking valid from the school year 2022-2023. As for the province of Lucca, the profiles in question are those of administrative assistant, technical assistant, farm worker, school assistant.


The basic requirement that must be possessed in order to enter the fixed rankings is a seniority of at least 23 months and 16 days (even incoherent) in positions corresponding to the desired profile or possibly to the higher profile. Specifically, the latter option means that an administrative or technical assistant can also work as a farm worker or school assistant, which is immediately lower profiles.


In addition to seniority, each profile has its own requirements that candidates must possess. Let’s see what they are in detail for the four “active” profiles in our province.

A matriculation examination is required for the administrative assistant. For the technical assistant, the high school diploma corresponding to the specific professional area: There is actually a specific table that relates the possessing high school diploma to the type (or types) of laboratory one can work in. For the agricultural worker, possession of a professional degree is required qualification certificate as an agro-tourism operator, agro-industrial operator or agri-environment operator. Finally, one of these qualifications is needed for the profile of school partner (those usually defined by the old period of caretaker): three-year certificate of qualification from a professional institute, diploma for master in art, diploma from master’s school for childhood, any high school diploma or certificates and / or diplomas for professional qualifications lasting three years, issued or recognized by the regions.


Finally, the notice of the competition for qualifications is only available to both those working at the time of application in the same province and in the same profile for which they are competing, and to those included in the provincial rankings when exhausted (for school partners) or on the provincial lists for substitutes (for the other profiles). Finally, those who are in the third parentheses of the school rankings can also participate.


The competition is not only for those who are entering the permanent rankings for the first time, but also for those who are already there to claim new titles and thus improve their position.


In the province of Lucca, 296 administrative assistants, 95 technicians, two farm workers and 901 school partners are considered to be employed this school year. To find out how many of these will be available, it will be necessary to await the calculation of pensions and consider those that are only subject to substitutions.

Internet applications must be submitted by 18 May

Applications for inclusion in the provincial permanent rankings or for updating scores must be submitted electronically only thanks to the “Online Instances” (Polis) service, which can be accessed from the Ministry’s website ( To apply, it is necessary to be in possession of Spid. The time frame for application started on April 27 and closes at. 23.59 on 18 May. The executive orders can be downloaded from the website

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