Sugar in the Arena, the other is also good (story and lineup)

Sugar in the Arena, the other is also good (story and lineup)
Photo: Mirko Fava

Despite the forecasts, the rain threatens these first two lives Sugar toArena and VeronaThe sky has decided to be mild, maybe considering having enough already waited over three years from the date of purchase of the ticket, put up for sale now in the “distant” April 18, 2019.
A violent storm hit the city of Verona early in the afternoon, but left room for the last rays of the sun and a clear sky just before sunset, an excellent prelude to a fantastic evening of music.

“Happy Birthday”

Someone from the front rows sang it as a joke, for some of those who bought the ticket had done so specifically to attend the show on September 25, 2020, Zucchero’s birthday, and celebrate the anniversary with a big collective party for 12,000 people .
However, the pandemic has shuffled the cards and changed everyone’s plans, bringing the concert to yesterday, April 26, 2022.

But it was still a party, even without a birthday.
A celebration of rebirth and liberation, which ironically debuted on the day of April 25, and which continues with a further 12 concerts until May 11, before traveling to the rest of the world and returning to Italy this summer.

The concert

In the background of the scene, a large sun dominates, as if to symbolize the return of live music to splendor and splendor after two years of pandemic and forced stop.
A sun enclosing a circular screen on which the images of the concert are projected, and from time to time some videos to emphasize the words and mood of some songs: from the images of Indians on We give up up to the videos from the war in Ukraine under the extra number with A wonderful world (“And the children are playing war”), passing through the “virtual duets” with Fabrizio De André on I saw Nina fly and with Luciano Pavarotti on Miserere.

It starts with four excerpts from DOCZucchero’s latest unreleased album: Spirit in the dark And Soul mom, This would be the world And The song that disappearsonly mixed with The rushing sea at sunset ….
Then you go one step back, one Black catwith Voices, Partisan from Reggio, 13 good reasons And We give up.
A roar welcomes the amazing voice Oma Jali when he duets with Sugar on the notes of Easyand from then on comes a series of hits: from I look black And Bailauntil Dunes moved And Only a healthy and conscious desire….
That “moment Discoverconsisting of a few songs from the latest cover album, so perform I saw Nina fly by Faber e Follow you Follow me of Genesis.

I’m on stage with Sugar Polo Jones (music conductor and bass), Kat Dyson (guitars and choirs), Peter Vettese (hammond and piano), Mario Schiliro (guitar), Adriano Molinari (drums), Nicola Peruch (keyboards), Monica Mz Carter (drums), James Thompson (winds and choirs), Lazaro Amauri Oviedo Diilout (wind), Oma Jali (choir).
A large and varied band that comes from 5 nations and 3 different continentsand which shows the audience their substance and the feeling created between them with two wild versions of Stay alive by Bee Gees e Honky Tonk Train Blues by Keith Emerson.

The choice to broadcast the video of Love now, recorded by Zucchero in full lockdown in a deserted Piazza San Marco, where the band returns to the stage to play the instrumental closing. All as if to represent before and after caused by Covid: silence, loneliness, absence of people in everyday places, and now finally the return to live music, after two years of restrictions and silence for the sector.

Closing entrusted the great classics: Diamond, The plane, X whose fault? And The devil in meintroduced by the now classic opening sermon of “Reverend” Polo Jones.
Encores, different every night and currently selected, have been Hey man And A wonderful worldwhile the closure is trusted You chose me.

Lots of news in the series in relation to the opening night.
On the other hand the same Sugar, under itmeeting with the press after the first show, he announced that he had about fifty songs ready and that each night would be different than the one before.
The promise kept: at the end of the two and a half hour concert, they will have a good time 6 out of 30 different songs in a row of this second Veronese concert.
Back “on the bench” Penis, Without regret, The scream, The scientist, Sweetest mom and get their debut Voices, Iruben me, An orgy of lost souls, Follow you Follow me, Hey man, A wonderful world.

Conclusion with a personal notation: while I was on my way home after the opening show on April 25 and the pleasant and unexpected surprise of finding songs in the lineup that had practically never been listened to live as Penis (last execution in 1993) e Without regret (never performed live), I thought to myself: “now we just miss what he does An orgy of lost souls and then I can die happy ”. Not before said than done. Thanks Zu, you read my thoughts. However, since “It’s a shame to die”maybe i’m waiting a bit, there are still a lot of concerts to see.
While I am there, I would like to ask the next few times for a few songs to choose from Nineteen, Poor Christ, OLSMM, Dad why, nothing to lose And Too much fidelity.

Aside from Boutade, Zucchero is back and he did great as usual.
30 songs, over two and a half hours of concert, a band of exceptional musicians It is a full of energy we needed it after two years of pandemic.

The next appointments

After this place of residence in the Arena di Verona (where he will perform for a further 12 dates until May 11), Zucchero will return live again in Italy during the summer months at some of the peninsula’s most prestigious festivals. These are the dates:
July 2nd – Nickel (TO), Sonic Park (Stupinigi Hunting Lodge)
July 4 – Este (PD), Property (Arena Castello Carrarese)
July 7 – Palmanova (UD), Summer Of Stars (Piazza Grande)
8th of July – ParmaParma Music City (Ducal Park)
July 20 – LuccaLucca Summer Festival (Walls of Lucca)

Tickets are available at Ticketone.

Here is the lineup from last night, April 26th

Spirit in the dark
Soul mom
The rushing sea at sunset rose to the moon and behind a curtain of stars …
This would be the world
The song that disappears
Partisan from Reggio
13 good reasons
We give up
I look black
Baila (Sexy Thing)
Dunes moved
Iruben me
A warm breath
An orgy of lost souls
Only a healthy and conscious desire saves the young person from stress and Catholic action
I saw Nina fly
Follow you Follow me
Stayin ‘Alive (band only)
Honky Tonk Train Blues (band only)
Love now
The plane
X whose fault?
The devil in me

Hey man

A wonderful world

You chose me

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