A cycle of meetings about communication between grandparents, children and grandchildren is underway in the Citizens’ Library

“Slow time” is a project promoted by Chieri municipality in collaboration with third sector units and other associations with the aim of creating recreational and educational activities and initiatives and cultural, artistic, musical and environmental character, caters to families with children aged 0-6. The project was launched in 2015 thanks to the Chieri municipality’s candidacy for the “Altrotempo ZeroSei” tender from the Compagnia di San Paolo. With the positive feedback to note, the project was then supported with only municipal resources in the following years (8 thousand euros were allocated for the school year 2021/2022). After the slowdown due to the health crisis, “Slow Time” has started again. “Several sociological studies and neuroscience confirm the effectiveness of investing in educational and social moments as long as children are young or very young – he explains Manuela OLIA, local councilor in the Democratic Party responsible for projects and offers for children – International research confirms that the development of speech during this period is related to the development of children’s brains and that those who have had development opportunities during this period have better results at school, at work and in the studio, for life. Aware that policies for children are not always at the center of public attention, The city of Chieri has invested in the connection between the efforts of public and private kindergartens, public and affiliated kindergartens, and associations that offer activities for children from zero to six years and their parents. Each year, a working group plans and executes actions to be proposed to these valuable citizens“. Adds the City Council Member Manuela OLIA: “We have deepened the joint training – and it is not easy because they are operators from two different sectors, the school and the municipality – of kindergarten teachers and kindergarten teachers with national experts at Zero-Six, with leaders of Reggio Emilia nurseries and with local educators we involved parents and grandparents in videos that demonstrated the planned actions, we conducted outdoor teaching conferences, and reviewed our practices in light of these new educational inputs. “Slow time” intends promote socialization opportunities for children and parents and favoractivation of informal networks between families with children aged 0-6with special attention to outdoor activities. All actions for families were free, accessible to all and widespread: at the library, in nurseries, at some schools, at Trenido, in the area with music, walks, reflection sessions for parents and grandparents. Covid has forced to slow down the actions or perform them in other forms. Now we start again with the initiatives in presence: activities for children and a series of meetings about communication between grandparents, children and grandchildren ».

All “Slow Time” actions and activities are available at the following link: www.comune.chieri.to.it/scuola-igliamento/progetto-slow-time

We report cycle of four meetings entitled “Together. Parents and grandparents in dialogue with children and grandchildren”, organized by Family center at the “Nicolò and Paola Francone” Civic Library, via Vittorio Emanuele II 1, in Chieri (Tuesday 10, 17, 24 and 31 May, always at 20:45): these are opportunities for reflection and discussion to build bonds between the generations.

Tuesday, May 10th “The reciprocity of bonds between children and parents, grandchildren and grandparents. The different forms of love”

Speakers:Giovanni Garena, sociologist, senior lecturer, lecturer

Marilena Vottero, experienced child psychologist and child psychotherapist

Tuesday, May 17th

“How to talk to children and grandchildren. Children’s difficult questions”

Speaker:Silvana Quadrino, family psychologist and psychotherapist. Change Institute

Tuesday, May 24th

Told and autobiographical memory. Meaning for grandparents, parents and grandchildren “

Speaker:Marilena Capellinoterritorial contact person for the Free University of Autobiography of Anghiari

Tuesday, May 31st

“Talk to children about Covid. What parents and grandparents need to know, what and how to pass on to communicate with their children and grandchildren”


Gian Maria Terragnihead of pediatrics at Chieri Hospital

Alessandra Parolaresponsible for kindergarten and education services in Chieri municipality

Dorella Apacoordinator for the project “Born to Read”, Chieri Municipal Library

For information and reservations (depends on available seats)telephone: 0119428400 e-mail: Biblioteca@comune.chieri.to.it

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