Sileo: ‘I renounce my position as cultural delegate’

Councilor for the Joint Group: “My personal history and my expectations of contributing to the choice of very different models of society will require me to assess very differently in the exercise of my mandate”

POWER – “The Delegation for Culture and International Cooperation, for a region that sees the human component, young people, women and men, as the most fragile and now rare resource in the territory, involves responsibilities that should make your wrists shake. Not so much just because culture is strategic for the whole Italian system, even in the context of the PNRR, but because in Basilicata it even assumes a direction capable of determining its existence in terms of identity and necessary progress, to put a barrier to the increasingly widespread phenomenon of socio-relational mediocrity “.

Thus, the Regional Councilor of the Mixed Group, who continues: “With this awareness, I humbly and enthusiastically embraced the challenging process of knowledge about the phenomena pertaining to the cultural system. I listened to hundreds of operators, I learned a lot from them, and I tried to bring my new knowledge and suggestions to value by doing what a regional councilor should do: translate ideas and programming into laws, into operational tools useful to to mark clear paths and functional. It has happened: I have drafted a single text to regulate public-private synergies. A text, accompanied by the three-year plan, ready for months and made available to the President of the Regional Council, delegates the matter and guarantor to the Council in the implementation of what its delegates produce as a synthesis of important work. I did what I could, I did everything I could. “

“In this context,” he said, “it is crucial to recognize that during the recent Commission hearing of the Chief of Staff (including the Head of the Office of Cultural Systems) and of the Head of Budget and Planning, the provisional grant for the three-year period 2022/2024 is completely insignificant and is even zero in terms of programming.No trace of the address I have given through the proposed consolidated law.The synthesis of this proof is quickly made: the indications of the holder of the power of attorney will not be simply not recognized, but completely ignored.In the end, it is inferred that the same delegation is devoid of content and takes the form of merely an exercise in attributing a pathetic banner.There are obviously other actors who, legitimized in fact, have leadership powers , which is far better than a delegate’s law. dgettet, I take note of the reality expressed by the facts and avoid the burden of indolence that the exercise of a delegation assigned in such terms would entail “.

“There is also – he continues – a completely subjective assessment, which has matured over months and now irreversibly crystallized, leading me to much broader reflections of a political nature. When sharing administrative processes of an institutional nature constantly gives embarrassment and discomfort, it is not the journey that is wrong; more likely it is the travel companions who are incompatible. my expectations of contributing to the choice of very different models of society force me to evaluate to a very different extent in the exercise of my mandate for public representation “.

“Consistently – concludes Sileo – I begin with the immediate resignation of the post at the time allotted to me by the President of the Regional Council”.

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