School how to do it in augmented reality

Microsoft is convinced that this is an ideal stage for “strengthen teachingskills, collaboration and knowledge sharing“. Under his Edu-dag 2022, the annual event to talk about school, university, research and culture has put the concept of “Augmented” at the center. In short, there has been talk of augmented reality strictly speaking but also metaphorically.

Last year, we realized that once the gap in access to devices was filled, the limit of digital tools used in teaching designed for the physical emerged. We have saved the sociability of course, but now it’s time for turned classroomthat is, reverse teaching, where the lesson becomes homework and the class is used for collaborative activities“, explains a The cable Elvira Carzaniga, Director of Education Division at Microsoft Italy.

According to the leader, we are at a point of no return, where widespread awareness has clarified the scenario on all fronts. In this sense, the funds from the National Recovery and Resistance Plan (Pnrr) are also an opportunity to continue with the change. “Sociability has changed, so we need to return to a method that has value for the student. To a frontal lesson where the teacher explains it’s not enough to stay home with Teams on and at Federico II in Naples we are working precisely in this direction“, adds Carzaniga.

Hybrid classes

L ‘Federico II University of Naples is the first Italian university to have launched the experiment with Hybrid Learning Spaces, the solution of participatory teaching and laboratory in mixed reality developed by Hevolus Innovation and Microsoft Italia. In practice, in the last year it has provided an opportunity to “new learning scenarios, more engaging, interactive and inclusive“thanks to immersive virtual classrooms that allow the introduction of an education model that can be used both externally and personally through lessons and support for holographic workshops. The prospect is to use them in scientific and humanistic didactic fields in different departments of the university.


Flexibility in teaching

L ‘University of Insubria of Varese has combined Microsoft Teams – activated from the emergency phase – with Microsoft Surface Hub 2S smart whiteboards. In this way, he experiences engaging and quality hours both in presence and at a distance. The idea is to improve the use and interactivity of digital whiteboards to enable students to be present and externally “take an active part in the course and make your own direct contribution“On the other hand, teachers are able to produce teaching at a higher level.

School and working life

Microsoft during Edu Day 2022 also confirmed that it is in the last two years tripled the number of Microsoft Innovative Educators (there are 350), that is, the teachers who have completed the training for digital teaching. While the number of schools that have joined the program has doubled (from 14 to 28) Showcase School & Incubator – the international innovative teaching project based on Microsoft solutions. An approach that aims to create a network of schools to implement new solutions aimed at stimulating the creativity and productivity of educational programs. It should also be remembered that Fondazione Bruno Kessler and Microsoft Italia announced the new edition of WebValley, summer school to promote study paths in basic subjects among young people (4th year in high school).

Side by side is the Redmond company cooperation with the public and private sectors to reduce the gap between supply and demand of technical-scientific professionals. Unioncamere and Anpal have estimated that by 2025, the IT sector alone will require up to 137,000 professionals, which companies are increasingly struggling to find. The consolidation of the project is therefore explained Re-Form pa: a plan for the development of human capital through a training and refresher program aimed at 3.2 million civil servants. Microsoft Italy will provide over 40 courses on the most popular technologies, specific training events on the most in-demand digital skills, and certification paths.

It was renewed partnership with the Conference of Principals of Italian Universities for the inclusion of insights into new technologies within different curricula of Italian universities. In practice, the purpose is specifically to support companies that have difficulty finding professionals with certain key technical competencies and the Libraries and museums educational transformation framework, a tool that allows museums and libraries to evaluate through their level of digitization.

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