Rione Verde lets children play at the Palio and hosts a rich medieval dinner

50 days after the Palio del Niballo, Rione Verde hosts a series of events on Saturday, May 7, including history, gastronomy, beauty and a bit of … mystery.
The candle donation ceremony, which takes place in the cathedral on the day of the patron saint Beata Vergine delle Grazie and sees the bishop, the five districts and the municipal group as the protagonists to conclude with the first public exhibition of Palio cloth, will be followed by an intense evocative moment organized by the Porta Montanara district as part of “Historical events in the Emilia-Romagna region”.
19.30 in Salone delle Bandiere in Palazzo Manfredi, the Greens’ Costume Room presents the project “Fantastic animals”, the result of a long and careful research work to enrich the Bigorda d’Oro procession, which will unfold in the historic center on the evening of Saturday 11 June . “Amazing Animals” was born from an idea by Luciano Dal Borgo, captain of Verde, which involved the local costume room coordinated by Gianluca Senzani and Professor Andrea Vitali, a famous medieval man who brought “children playing” to the light of Palio The historical basis is based on the “maniac”, a character who plays with children who are on a papier maché horse and are equipped with a spear with a whisk on top, as can be seen in an anonymous painting dating back to 15. Senzani’s research led to the discovery of “amazing animals”, namely the dolphin, the dragon, the panther and the lion, the project called “Bimbi in Torneo” also sees the commitment of MEM Studio d’Arte, which consists of building a chariot on one can place a doll of Niballo as children “face” at the hallway to these fairs.After the first release on Saturday, the “amazing animals” will animate the procession of Bigorda d’Oro to Rione Verde.

At the end of the event in the Salone delle Bandiere, the children of the papemache fairs “on horseback” open a procession that ends up at the headquarters of Rione Verde in Via Cavour 37, where at. 20.30 in the convent of Santa Maria Vecchia a rich “medieval dinner”, a unique experience between traditional dishes and ancient atmospheres, which “the distinguished hostaria del Maghinardo” will prepare for the assembled and in honor of a Sienese delegation of 44 people, who came from Tuscany to experience the first day of the demonstrations of Niballo-Palio di Faenza in 2022. “This is the first time that Sienese people are moving to come to Faenza to take part in a demonstration of our districts – states Dal Borgo -: the fact that that they have chosen Green makes us proud “.
During the dinner it will be possible to attend the animation interventions in the “Compagnia delle Feste”. Finally, the Historical Group of the Greens will be presented and the Ladies of the parades in the Porta Montanara district will be unveiled. The most anticipated is the Lady of Palio, the young single, a symbol of nobility to illustrate the beauty, grace and gracefulness of Madonna Rundanina, described in the chronicle of the time as the beautiful offspring of the Conti Rondanini family in Via Pascoli. Not least will be the Lady at the turn of the Bigorda d’Oro parade, also the inevitable Castellana will be presented, who will imitate the Lady of the Rocca, who will parade on foot in the Palio procession together with the Mastro Giovanni figure of Bertolazzi- the House.
A Saturday the 7th of May with big events for Rione Verde and for Niballo lovers: From afternoon to evening there will be the opportunity to experience the emotions that make the world of the neighborhood magical.

To take part in the “Medieval Dinner”, which is open to everyone, consisting of five dishes as well as wines, bitters and other beverages, you must book no later than Thursday 5 May in the evening at the “green TA Bar” in Rione Verde in Via Cavour 37, by also calling for information at 351-7865635 or 0546-681281, or by writing to the email address

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