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Pedophilia and child pornography 2021 annual report of Meter onlus parental responsibility

Curated by Gualtiero Raimondi Cominesi “Beyond the door to find childhood” is the theme of “Day of Child Victims” (GBV), now in its XXVI edition, against pedophilia and child pornography (GBV) promoted by the Meter Onlus Association of Don Fortunato di Noto, which ends today , Sunday, May 1st. The initiative was born in the mid-90s in Avola (SR) after some episodes of “abused childhood” that occurred to an 11-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy.

There are many moments and activities related to “GBV”, which in the organizers’ intentions, also thanks to the protection of the Chamber of Deputies, intend to make parents, families, schools, civil society and the world of institutions aware of issues of protection of minors from any kind of abuse.

These are the words of the founder, Don Fortunato di Noto, entrusted to a press release:

“It’s been 26 years since Children’s Day of Redemption, but the good that has been bestowed on victims of abuse, pedophilia and child pornography in recent decades is great. A very sad phenomenon, serious and devastating, which can never be underestimated in Italy and in the world. We must continue, not only to be indignant, yes, some are not indignant at all, but to continue this work of liberating from these new forms of slavery. Because that’s what it is. “

In addition, the release of Meter Onlus of “Annual Report 2021 Pedophilia and Child Pornography” is also in these weeks. It would be sufficient at this point to read the few lines of testimony from Gloria, 18, a victim of abuse at the age of 12, to understand the drama of the whole phenomenon and why it was defined by Pope Francis as a “psychological murder” , as reported in the brochure.

“The fight against pedophilia must be hot, fiery, powerful and full of witty courage, and therefore the presence of the Meter Association was as important as it was necessary. Thank you for giving me and all the other victims a chance at redemption, for having listened to and understood us, for having had the right amount of empathy that is now foreign to many. Revolutions are not made in silence, but together with voices in chorus “(Gloria, 18, victim of abuse at age 12)

Pedophilia and online child pornography are still a very widespread phenomenon. Compared to 2020, links monitored by Meter Onlus increased from 14,521 to 14,676, confirming an increasing trend from 2003 (See attached graph *), images dropped from 3,768,057 to 3,479,052, as well as videos 52, 01, 91, 52, 31, 91, 91. Also the reported chats decreased (from 456 to 316) and the compressed folders (from 692 to 637). The cases followed by the Meter Listening Center rose from 111 to 167.

* Source Meter Onlus, Annual Report 2021 pedophilia and child pornography.

The requests for help that the Center for Listening and Support for Parents collects document that sexual abuse in childhood increases the possibility of a disturbed psyche in adulthood and also reveals the importance of the parental role. There are no perfect parents, but it is possible, with humility and courage, to regain the educational role towards children.

“To love is not about doing the right and perfect things, it is about giving everything. Especially at the educational level, this fact must be taken into account: Our children do not need perfect parents, but human parents. Human parents are those like us , who has so many flaws, so many weaknesses, but who does their best.The child understands that in addition to proper behavior, there is a heart, a will, and an intelligence that stands at his service.This is the best we can do : do our best to make ourselves available to our children and others. ” (Ezio Aceti, human parents)

The meter reports some emergencies. Among these are represented by minors’ abuse of minors, a phenomenon prevalent among men, and then dwell on the early use of social media, up to the use of virtual gaming platforms.

In 2021 alone, Meter condemned 316 groups on social networks and instant messaging apps, groups where child pornographic material was exchanged.

Of those 80, Telegram groups and 33 WhastApp groups, 198 chats with child pornographic content were recorded in 2021 on Facebook alone, and 4 on Twitter thanks to Meter’s monitoring work.
Minors, often in exchange for financial compensation, through self-production of photos and videos shared within private groups on social media, thus become involved in sexual practices that are often ingested at home.

The age group most at risk, Meter continues, is in the opposite trend, that between 8 and 12 years, to the point that the identified images have gone from 819,576 in 2020 to 2,935,952 in 2021.

To move on to the last point, the report emphasizes how the continuous and systematic use of video games in leisure time, as an alternative to the relational activities in the family context, tends to promote isolation and closeness to the parent figures and favors “a state of addiction occurs in young users, without forgetting that collaboration, as well as the collaboration between the participants, typically for many online games, is not free of risks and unexpected events.

The group of participants in the game can be varied according to gender and age, and with regard to the latter point, the document emphasizes how the coexistence of the group of participants of both minors and adults exposes children and young people to online bait.

“Children and young people often play in ordinary home environments – living room and / or kitchen – equipped with headphones to listen to conversations, environments occupied at the same time by unsuspecting parents that could hide potential risks to their child behind the game’s function.”

And that’s the point: loneliness.
The pedophile uses the loneliness present in the life of the child and young person to fill it, to become a friend, to become a reference figure, to make him fall into an emotional trap.

“Our children live in their virtual environment, which they build and change constantly; they make friends, create their digital identity day after day and build their reputation online by filling out the bulletin boards on their favorite social networks (their world, actually).

We allow some time for our children and of low quality.
Unfortunately, we adults, who should be a model to follow, are increasingly committed to building relationships on our social networks instead of giving our children time. As parents and adults, we are failures: we have forgotten our role, the importance of being authoritative and of our children needing us and also of being told no, now and then.
We need to be more present, offer them more quality time, ready to listen and slow to respond. They even ask for it!

Our children need to be heard, and they are not. This explains why, for any question or doubt, they turn to Google because the answers do not come from us adults …
Learn the basic rules of using the Internet and pass them on to your children. It does not mean imposing rules, but sharing them.

This process should begin when the children are still young and in collaboration with the school, with whom we should share a digital civic education program based on “non-hostile” behavior, the use of kind words and the awareness that what you are writing may have consequences for others. “(Tonino Cantelmi, we need authoritative parents)

The child will only, if pushed by the hope of being understood and helped, be able to tell and become free again.

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