Primary school: programming of lessons during holidays. Do they need to be recovered?

An elementary school teacher asks us about the programming hours when they fall on holidays such as. Tuesday after Easter, therefore with the school closed, must be obtained the following days. Points.

Elementary School – Service Hours – What CCNL says

Nature. 28

“Within the school teaching calendar defined at the regional level, the teaching activity takes place over 25 hours a week in the kindergarten, in 22 hours a week in primary school and for 18 hours per week in schools and institutions of secondary and artistic education, spread over not less than five days a week. To the 22 hours of teaching per week set for primary school teachers, 2 hours must be added, even flexibly and on a multi-weekly basis, to the didactic planning to be implemented at collegiate meetings between the teachers concerned, at times when not falling together with the teaching form.

Therefore, the two-hour programming is part of the service time and must not be confused with the hours (40 + 40) planned for collegiate meetings / functional teaching activities

Who determines the teachers’ weekly schedule and relative distribution

Teaching staff

“Formulate proposals for the didactic leader or principal for education, composition of classes and assignment of teachers to them, to formulate the schedule for the hours and for the performance of other school activities, taking into account the general criteria specified by the club or the school council “- TU n. 297/1994, art. 7 para. 2, l. b)

School council

“The club or school council shall also specify the general criteria for the formation of the classes, the assignment of the individual teachers to them, adaptation of the teaching scheduleTU No. 297/1994, art. 10 pcs. 4

After-school negotiation

Among the topics that are subject to comparison (NOT negotiation) at school level between the school head and the academic party are:

“The trap of the working hours of the teaching staffeducation and ATA […]”- CCNL 2016/18

Class teacher

“Generate through a management / employer deed to the formation of the classes, to the task of the individual teachers to them, to the wording of the scheduleon the basis of the general criteria laid down by the club or the school council and the faculty board’s proposal “- § 396, paragraph 1 let. d), and of course to comply with what was agreed in the negotiations [Confronto]

Hours of programming in primary school

Programming is a necessary and fundamental action in the teaching function; it gives rationality and scientificity to the teaching and overcomes improvisation; it therefore constitutes a fundamental moment in the teaching-learning process, which on flexible weekly or every fortnight traces and defines didactic paths based on the real class.

Every class is different, every class has different educational needs, every teacher has personal interests that change over time. To design means to take as a starting point the skills you want to acquire, taking into account the characteristics of the class as well as the ministerial indications.

The planning of the didactic activity is suggested:

  • the pursuit of the objectives set out in the PTOF, within the disciplinary curriculum, of arranging a didactic organization appropriate to the students’ actual abilities and learning needs;
  • verification and evaluation of results;
  • teaching unit;
  • respect for an appropriate distribution of the time to be devoted to teaching in the various disciplines of the curriculum, in proportion to the aims and objectives which it presupposes.

Hours of programming on holidays. Do they need to be recovered?

The answer is yes, but with these plausible conditions:

  • Programming also on a multi-weekly basis planned in writing by the school principal at the beginning of the year; it is clear that there are regular holidays during the year and that it is therefore possible to organize everything before the start of teaching;
  • communication / circulars / service orders with appropriate notice in case of more or less sudden variations of the usual day for programming: for example for weather alarms, elections, training courses where the teachers themselves are involved, Covid preparedness, etc.
  • the presence of a section dedicated to the criteria for the use of programming hours in the Institute Regulations or in the Supplementary Agreement Comparison between the parties (Rector and RSU) in the school’s supplementary negotiation.

*It must be emphasized that this is work organization and management activities / teaching hours, therefore the competencies for this must only be attributed to the school head, who must, however, make sure that the school community tries not to give. the impression of rules imposed by ‘high.

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