PNRR digital transition: applications from schools to migrate services to the cloud and update the site. Deadline June 24

More digital, modern and efficient schools: With these goals, the new announcements about the digital transition of over 8,000 Italian schools in the national recovery and resistance plan start today.

Institutions can now apply on the digital PA platform 2026 and request the necessary contributions to migrate their services to the cloud and update or equip themselves with new websites.

The resources made available by the PNRR and made available by the Digital Transformation Department of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers in collaboration with the Ministry of Education total 95 million euros: 50 million are earmarked for migration to the cloud, another 45 million they are dedicated to sites.

The purpose of the communications is, on the one hand, to support the migration of a minimum number of services to qualified cloud infrastructures and solutions in order to ensure reliable and secure services in line with what is defined in Italy’s cloud strategy, and of a second to create or update your own website using a standard model that will enhance the digital experiences of parents, students and the whole school.

With funds from PNRR – declares the Minister of Education, Patrizio Bianchiwe support the construction of a more innovative school in both competencies and infrastructure. By accessing this grant, schools will be able to strengthen and simplify the work of the secretariats, speed up communication with families, provide information with greater transparency and accessibility. In order to encourage participation and reduce the workload in school secretariats, the methods for reporting the use of funds have been simplified. PNRR is a great option. Pupils, leaders, teachers, school staff, families: everyone participates in the change of school“.

The future of our country is being built in schools, and this investment by the NRP in the spread of digital is fundamental“- he comments Vittorio Colao, Minister of Technological Innovation and Digital Transformation. “These resources will enable institutions to offer increasingly secure and efficient services thanks to the cloud and to provide faster and clearer information through accessible and efficient websites. An important step forward to bring the digital transformation also in the school world with benefits for school staff, students and parents“.

How to apply for funding

Schools can log in with their digital identity on digital PA 2026, request funding and receive dedicated assistance. The deadline for submitting the applications for the two notices is 24 June 2022. From the publication of the executive order onwards, time windows of 30 days are foreseen, after which the department finances the applications received during the reference period.

Cloud migration

The announcement is intended for public schools, including primary schools, which have not yet implemented a service migration plan to the cloud or have done so per. February 1, 2020.

Thanks to the guided tour of the digital PA 2026, it is possible to put together your migration plan online by choosing from a list of 32 services. Before defining the plan, each school must proceed with the classification of its data and services according to the criteria defined by the National Cyber ​​Security Agency in accordance with Italy’s cloud strategy and available in the reserved area of ​​digital PA 2026. It is possible to migrate a minimum number of 3 services up to a maximum of 23, depending on the needs of the individual institution. The migrations specified in the plan must be completed within 18 months of the activation of the contract with the supplier.


The Ministry of Education and the Department of Digital Transformation have developed a standard model for an institutional website to offer students, teachers, ATA staff, parents and in general all citizens an easy access point and accessible for updated information from a reliable, institutional and recognizable source. The model, which will be gradually updated, is built according to the needs of the users and is made available through the Designers Italia project at (

The adoption of the model makes it possible to reduce the cost and development time of the digital offer at first- and second-grade schools, including primary schools, allowing institutions to concentrate their resources on content and teaching.

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