National School of Administration: appointments to 28 civil servants

New appointments to the National School of Administration come with the PNRR2 decree.

The new legal provision issued by the government to implement the national recovery and resistance plan gives permission to employ 28 permanent officials for SNA. Hiring the expected staff will be prohibited new public elections.

Here is all the information about the jobs in the School of Public Administration that are to be covered and about future notices.


Legislative Decree of 30 April 2022, No. 36 (so-called PNRR2 Decree), which introduces important innovations to public competitions and recruitments in PA, actually authorizes the Presidency of the Council of Ministers to hire new staff for the National School of Administration – SNA. In particular, the right to recruit from 2023 is granted 28 non-executive employeesemployed with a permanent employment contract.

The new SNA recruitments for civil servants have been approved in addition to the institution’s current recruitment faculties, ie they are more resources than the deployments already planned under current legislation. Therefore, they correspond to one increase in organic funding.


In detail, the new jobs in the National School of Administration have been approved by the PNRR2 decree addressed to officials, to be part of category A, financial position F1, by the staff of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. The profiles that will be hired can be specifically classified in the profile as Inspector General or Division Manager.


In accordance with the provisions of the national collective agreement concerning non-management staff in the sector of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (CCNL economic two-year period 2008-2009), new employees will be able to receive salaries equivalent to 22,456.56 euros per year, according to the salary table for the F1 bracket. To this must be added thirteenth monthly salary and possibly allowance or remuneration due.


There will be a call to recruit officers for new hires in the National School of Administration selective procedures. For the purposes of recruitment, the professional experience gained by the holders of contracts for the provision of guidance activities established during the past three years on the basis of the provisions of Article 11 (1) 1-bis, in the Legislative Decree of 1 December 2009, be appreciated., No. 178.


National School of Administration (SNA) is an institution for the selection, recruitment and vocational training of managers and officials of the Italian public administration. Founded in 1957, as an integral part of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, it is headquartered in Rome. The teaching and training activities are also held at Caserta’s office.


Those interested in future SNA recruitments will have to wait for the calls for recruitment to be issued. The selection announcements will be published on the page dedicated to National School of Administration competitions on the SNA web portal (Home> Transparent Administration> Competition Announcements).

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