Naples, at the internet school: the newsroom is born in the Ponticelli school

From disused classroom to space to create virtual and vibrant connections. This morning, the “newsroom” was inaugurated in the comprehensive institute 49. Toti-Borsi-Giurleo di Ponticelli, neighborhood in the eastern part of Naples. PC workstations, large bulletin board, radio corner will be available for students and teachers to learn how to use the Internet and its many possibilities.

The new space was conceived as part of the “Digital Connections” project, which involves over fifty very young people from the department Jumpers with the aim of combating digital education poverty and supporting them in the conscious use of The Internet. The “newsroom” located in the complex of gloomy San Pietro will be used in particular by middle school students to create specific content such as petitions, podcasts, web pages. At their disposal are computers, smartphones, cameras and other digital devices donated by the same non-profit organization.

On closer inspection, this is an opportunity for the entire school community. The place, now regenerated and functional, is linked to an idea of ​​a school that goes beyond the logic behind “the desk and the chair,” as explained by Angela Postiglione, an English teacher in high school at Ponticelli School. The idea was to create an environment that suited the needs of the very young. Therefore devised a space for group work, even for several classes together as soon as possible.


The newly painted walls give new light to the whole room enriched with tables, stools, computers, a large note and a platform that is at the same time a container and a staircase with seating. The regeneration of space is part of a path that involves the very young to a new awareness of the world of the web and its technologies. Students are warned about risks, and the great potential, also related to education and training, is made known. The challenge – as pointed out by Professor Postiglione, rapporteur for the project – is to accustom them to experiencing the Internet with attention and moderation, not to be passive users and create quality content. Some steps have already been taken: Based on their work and their interest, the online application was addressed to the Mayor of Naples to rebuild the street near the gloomy plexus of San Pietro, which has long been dirty and careless, born. In short, you learn to look at the virtual world before and beyond the various social networks that teens often abuse.

“The newsroom was a welcome gift as it is configured as a space where it will be possible to make students an active part in responsible and ethical use of technological tools and to combat digital education poverty and show how technology is important for learning. , experiment, develop and bring forth skills, talents and aspirations “, explains Professor Chiara Lucia Schiavo, the comprehensive Toti-Borsi-Giurleo di Ponticelli Institute. “The first steps – the principal emphasizes – have already been taken with the online petitions, in which students have passed on their requests to the institutions for reclassification of the department’s internal areas and the external ones related to the neighborhood, because the school educates them. the urge to see him in the places where they are born and grow up ».

The inauguration of the remodeled classroom took place on the sidelines of the conference where the main character watched Consul of the Republic of Benin in Naples, Giuseppe Gambardella, welcomed by students and teachers from the Department of Jumpers in the presence of Sandro Fucito, chairman of VI municipality in Naples municipality, and the new municipal councilor in charge of social policy Mariarca Viscovo. The meeting – organized by teacher Maria Neve Manganiello – wanted to draw attention to the activities of the consulate in the African country with the construction of wells, schools and other structures for the benefit of the local community fighting poverty and achieving better living conditions.

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