Motorola returns with a focus on design and functionality

The phone is apparently secondary in an ever-richer range of products: do not get us wrong, the all-new Motorola Edge 30 (without pro) with high-quality 6.5-inch screen, respectable photographic space, powerful yet economical processor (more savings than its brother larger), Dolby Atmos stereo sound and a range of features that make it interesting in the single version (8 / 128GB) and two colors (gray and green) in addition to the price. Launch until the end of May to 399.90 euros and then it goes to 549.90. (In this second article all specifications and first contact).

However, that is not the intention. There will be other announcements during the year, Motorola has also already “born” the maximum weight for this year, ie Edge 30 Pro, and in general they are working to expand a selection and make it present not only in as many stores as possible, but also to provide after-sales and assistance in height, both for dealers and for end customers. Neither more nor less than how Samsung did (with great success, one must say) at the time of launch and then the explosion in the Italian and European markets.

That’s exactly what we’re talking about: the explosion. For at this point, Motorola is back, even though it is a branded platform with a brand new ownership, namely Lenovo. And after an excellent start in Asia (where its phones are physically built) and in the United States (where the headquarters are and where they are designed), and despite difficulties that would have brought many to their knees, such as Covid and now war, the company has worked extensively in Italy and Europe for two years. It also works well, and the conditions for an explosive success that makes the volumes grow and bring it into the leading triptych of smartphone manufacturers also in our market are not lacking. But will he succeed?

Motorola’s key

Let’s go back to the introductory question: the iconic American brand, the first historic phone call from a New York City cell phone, the one from StarTacs and the 8700s, the unforgettable brand of radios and transmission systems, once a guarantee of quality “American” , is now back with an obviously different platform, with a completely new experience and with an excitement towards the market that has both a commercial component, but also a marketing and design component. What is the winning variation for the company?

We have tried some of the products in Motorola’s new cycle (the Edge 20 Pro version and the new Edge 30 Pro), which stand out in an attempt to make the phone “different” from the rest of the package, ie. the large mass of Android phones, following a very clear approach to both design and functionality.

Motorola design

We start with the choice to simplify the virtually standard version of Android, with many Google apps, such as Google Photos, as the key to managing the phone roll, which greatly simplifies storage and management issues. And it continues with a truly minimalist yet comfortable design, phones with a simple and universal shape, without fear of detaching themselves from Apple’s design model or the giants like Samsung on the one hand and the Xiaomi and Huawei pair on the other.

In short, behind all this, there is a thought that falls by a completely different path than the one we might think, and as it, to tell the truth, looked in the beginning. The first whines of the new Motorola somehow reminded me of the strategy of OnePlus and other Chinese brands trying to differentiate by price range and hardware level, making each limitation a virtue. Do not have the bandwidth to produce many models? Create one that works for everyone, with well-thought-out and calibrated hardware and software.

Create a community, build trust in the brand, propose yourself in a row where there are no competitors (blue sea strategy), and bid something you can not propose, in the hope that it is what the public wants. In the case of OnePlus, the debut was to sell mid-to-high-end phones at very low prices, which went against the price explosion of Apple and Samsung.

In other words, if life has given you lemons, make lemonades. Motorola did the same thing in the beginning: a virtue of necessity. But now that phase is over. The man-eyed American giant caught his breath, got up, walked out of the corner and returned to the center of the ring. The legs are still not very firm, stumbling can come at any time. The opponents are treacherous and deadly. But a well-chosen shot certainly gives you the opportunity to win points: The market shares in Italy are single digits, but the management of Motorola in our country is convinced that they will be able to double them and then continue to grow from there .Motorola design


We met the leaders of Motorola Italy during the presentation of the phone we talked about at the beginning and you can read more details in this article. What emerges clearly is the desire to strengthen Motorola’s personality, which at this stage revolves around the term “design”.

By understanding how the market develops at this stage, ie. Less for technology and more for what can be done with phones, Motorola researchers are apparently working to enrich their platform not only in functionality (such as the ability to connect the phone to a television and turn it into a PC), but also of aesthetics, way of showing off.

It is no coincidence that the presentation in Milan took place in the location of the Compasso D’Oro Prize Museum, which has only been open for three years (but closed for the Covid period, of course), but which is spiritually the place where Motorola would like to return to the place its products. In fact, the company is trying to relocate its phones within the concept of “iconic”, which is what is represented by the prestigious winners of the highest Italian design award, who saw the confirmation of a global style that changed in the post-war period. the way we imagine, see and interact with the world around us.

The Motorola edge 30 is the thinnest 5G terminal in the world

Motorola chose that phase because it is where it wants to return to where it wants its current and future phones to be located. The interpretation of this phase, which in our opinion has very solid commercial and technological legs, is based on the “more” that will be played out from a contribution of style and design that might be the key to opening the door. , the secret ingredient in the recipe, the more makes the difference.

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