Madrid Design Festival 2022 is underway

The fifth, very rich, edition of the festival, organized by La Fabrica, lasts until March 13, 2022. Three main themes? The transformation, the new economy and prosperity

Organized by La Fabrica, cultural production fund, andthis year for the fifth time in a row since Alvaro Matíasthat Madrid Design Festival is the international event that brings the world of Spanish creativity into a system that transforms the capital into a widespread laboratory. Through the widespread involvement of institutions, museums, showrooms, studios, clubs, galleries and universities – IED, the festival’s official school, Francisco de Vitoria University, ESNE, Escuela Sur and the University of Navarra – in one month, Madrid becomes an open-air platform that is useful for showing designers’ work (some celebrities, others celebrities, others in the bud) and promoting the creation of a space for meeting, beauty and reflection. The festival celebrates its first five years by consolidating an open, cross-cutting and inclusive model, also thanks to the work of the committee of independent experts it makes use of (almost exclusively female), composed of Soledad Lorenzo (Architecture and Design), Daniel García (IKON) e Teresa Herrero (Interiors, Teresa Herrero Living); Carmen Bustos, founding partner of Soulsight; Marisa Santamaría, researches and popularizes global design trends with the analysis unit GlobalTrendsUnit; And Beatriz Gancedo, Marketing and Communications Director at Gancedo. This edition is organized around three main themes: transformation, economy and prosperity, fell in terms of product, craft, graphics, architecture, urban planning, fashion, interior design, gastronomy and lighting. MDF is a firm supporter of the idea that design can truly contribute to change in society, and addresses related issues urban habitability and mobility, active population aging, environment, sustainability and circular recycling of materials. And it provides, minus the difficulties we know well, a full calendar of events, 219 to be exact, with over 637 professionals and designers involved. But also workshops, exhibitions, meetings, talks, round tables, prices and urban installations. Here is our selection of the best exhibitions and installations seen around the city during the opening days.

-Giulia Mura


MDF22 shows Matador, 25 years_3. Fernand Gomez. Centro Cultural de la Villa with courtesy MDF

Matador 25 years old. Travel into the heart of a mythical magazine, on Fernand Gomez. The Centro Cultural de la Villa, the festival’s capital, celebrates the 25th anniversary of one of the most iconic publications on the Spanish stage, delving into its history and design, collecting original works by some d.the authors who participated in its pages. A unique project (published in a single issue a year) that launches a new look at contemporary culture. The exhibition includes Eduardo Chilida’s original drawings from the 1950s; series Tribute to Santa Teresa by Marina Abramovic; photographs by Chema Madoz, Alberto García-Alix, Ramón Masats, Cristina García Rodero and Rodney Graham; sculptures by Juan Muñoz; drawings by Jaime Hayón and Patricia Urquiola; and watercolors by, among others, Miquel Barceló.


Of the four finalists in MINI Design Award Academic section, the project must be reported M15 by Lucas Munóz, designer, artist and traveler-craftsman, born in 1983, based between Holland and Spain. His practice explores the redefinitions of functionality and materiality of everyday objects and spaces. Born from the reflection on the time of use of furniture in the contract world in Madrid, the M15 is a system of circularity of the material, which, thanks to a mapping, seeks to create social and educational impact on the territory. Like? Through a new way of thinking and creating furniture by regenerating existing materials, instead of always resorting to purchasing new or semi-finished products. The recycling of these transformed furniture will allow huge savings, trying to avoid the dynamics that involve delivering new pieces every time.


Fiat Lux 3 edited by Antoni Arola, immersive installation created thanks to the collaboration with Simon Electric, designed with the purpose of making the visitor feel like part of an illusion, a part of space that emerges and then disappears. In the myth of the cave, Plato claimed that the real world was nothing but shadows; while the Fiat Lux 3 project suggests the opposite. In fact, the designer creates an architecture that is based on light and uses it as a volatile building material with the aim of achieving a mix of visual, sonic and spiritual sensitivities.


Anna Heringer the essential beauty ICO Museum Escuela METI Rudrapur Bangladesh Kurt Hoerbst

Anna Heringer. The essential beauty is the exhibition curated by Luis Fernández-Galiano – and held until May 8 at ICO Museum – first retrospective dedicated to the architect’s main projects German, born in 1977, a reference point for the world’s sustainable architecture, which focuses its work on the use of local materials and techniques to create buildings that are characteristic of the place where they are located. The exhibition is completed by texts, photographs, drawings and models that trace a path through the most important projects that Anna Heringer has completed since 2006, which confirm “Sustainability is synonymous with beauty, and what defines the aesthetic value of a building is that it is in harmony with its design, structure, technique and use of materials as well as in relation to its location, the environment, the user and the sociocultural context”.


MDF22 Inference Inferences

Barcelona Gallery il·lacions (2011) he presented conclusions, an exhibition that is actually an exercise in creative dialogue: it asked each of the selected designers to become microcurators of the exhibition, and invited them to contact an admired designer or artist to produce something unexpected together. Exhibited more than 70 pieces of modern design, very different from each other, by authors such as Max Enrich, Sanna Völker, MSuberàs, Roger Coll Krasznai, Rosa Cortiella, Turbina, Cristian Herrera, Josep Vila Capdevila or Jordi Ribaudí on behalf of gallery, along with names as Panorammma, in Mexico City; Raphael Kadid, of Basel; Todomuta, of Seville; Ovidi Benet from Valencia; o Studiopepe in Milan.


IKEA Installation Plaza de Colón MDF

IKEAin cooperation with Espadaysantacruz study has created at Plaza de Colón, Next generation seniors, byinstallation physically and digitally that will invite us to reflect on the future of our cities, starting from the aging of the population (a growing phenomenon). Through an artificial intelligence – organized by reflective and smart portals, divided by age groups – it will immerse the visitor in a tunnel of time, where he will gather information, thoughts and reflections on the future of the elderly in the cities. A data collection project that aims to and propose possible solutions to build a better future together, suitable for everyone.


MDF22 Lifetime Achievement Award_Alvaro Matías and Peter Saville _ with courtesy MDF

Madrid Design Festival Award to the career awarded to the work of two undisputed protagonists in international creativity: the Spanish naturalized Italian designer Patricia Urquiola, creative director of Cassina since 2015 and the British graphic artist Peter Saville, co-founder of the legendary independent label Factory Records famous for his work in the field of music (his covers for bands such as New Order, Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark or Joy Division are legendary!). Before them, personalities like Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, Martí Guixé, Gaetano Pesce, El último grito, Bruno Monguzzi, Giorgetto Giugaro, Neri & Hu, Selgas Cano and Jaime Hayón had received it.


The showroom Gandía Blasco hosted two interesting projects: Plastic riversdesigned by Álvaro Catalán de Ocón, a manifesto collection, handmade with 100% recycled PET yarn, which aims to convey a critical perspective on the current problem of plastic waste in rivers. The collection consists of four rugs: GANGES, INDUS, YANGTZE and NIGER (the graphics that compose them are extrapolated from Google Earth). And Teresa Sapey who in collaboration with his daughter proposes the new collection of COSTURAS padded puffs designed for the company Diablaoutdoor and inspired by baseball balls.


MDF22 Lifetime Achievement Award_Patricia Urquiola Thanks to MDF

The Madrid Design Festival 2022 then focuses on one of the most productive design incubators in the city, the Carabanchel district. The program Carabanchel Designs is an initiative in an “open studio” format, where design studios and design and creation spaces will show their works to the entire public. Among them are Acdo, Casa Antillón, Casa Bonita, El Presente Perfecto, Enpieza, Espacio Betty, Estudio 240 × 120, Ied, Miguel Leiro, Nave Porto, Ooiio, Veta Galería.


Georginas wallpaper – named after its creator, Georgina Sas, curator of art and design, author and journalist – presents a collection of decorative wallpapers. This first, eclectic collection is created based on artists who come mainly from the island of Palma de Mallorca with drawings by: Pep Guerrero, Bàrbara Juan, Núria Marquès, Xavi Muñoz, Albert Pinya, Tatiana Sarasa, Toni Sorell and Georgina Sas himself, the creator of the project.

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