It is possible to work in the design world

Working in the design world is every young creative’s biggest dream. Having a job in a fascinating and engaging industry is the ambition of all aspiring designers. The sector boasts countless job opportunities, but the road is long and complex. Companies offer sales opportunities that go far beyond just the creative sphere, but also involve production, sales and marketing. To be able to appear in this world, in addition to perseverance and determination, a range of skills are needed and essential: skills and professionalism that only a highly qualified institute can guarantee.


Italy is the European country with the largest number of companies in the design sector, 34 thousand, which offers employment to almost 65 thousand workers and generates a surplus value of more than 3 billion euros (data source Design Economy 2020). For all these reasons, it may be an excellent choice for the future to decide to educate oneself in this sector. There are many courses and academies, and in order to better assess which way to go, it is necessary to inquire about the various alternatives, study plans and services that the institutions offer: a conscious and well-thought-out choice, useful to get the most possible out of study time and how greater guarantee of finding a job in the fascinating world of fashion. Therefore, it is important to have a school that offers competencies that can be used and used directly in the labor market, and that combines knowledge with know-how. The interest in the fashion universe stems first and foremost from the concrete opportunity to combine creativity with technology and innovation, as employment opportunities range from fashion, architecture to graphics and communication.

Academy of Fashion – Institute of Universal Art and Design (IUAD)

It is precisely from these premises that the didactic offer is made IUAD, Fashion Academy – Department of Universal Art and Designwith offices in Naples and Milan, the first private institution of higher education in southern Italy recognized and accredited by MIUR among the AFAM institutions for the three-year and specialist courses at I and II level in fashion design, interior design and communication design.

An academy where tradition unites with the future and where the students, thanks to study plans made with companies and based on the needs of the market, can enter the world of work as protagonists. IUAD – Accademia della Moda was born with its first courses in the 60’s from an idea of ​​Domenico Lettieri, and now offers a wide range of training courses, all followed and managed by professionals in the sector.


In February 2022, the Open Days (virtual and not only) for IUAD will start for the offices in Naples and Milan. Through experience from professional teachers, students and supervisors, the following will be presented:

  • training programs and services
  • the projects the students have completed
  • competitions, workshops and events organized by the Academy

All interested parties will be able to intervene with questions and insights related to registration procedures, scholarships provided by the institution and receive all the information necessary to enter the world of design.

The following dates are scheduled for the open days:

  • February 16 at 16.00 Fashion design, fashion company and management (MILAN)
  • February 17 at 16.00 Communication design (MILAN)
  • February 24 at 11.00 Fashion design, fashion company and management, communication design, interior architecture (NAPOLE)

For graduates or bachelors on three-year courses, it is possible to participate in the presentation of the two-year special courses on the following dates:

  • March 2 at 4 p.m. Accessory design (NAPOLE)
  • March 3 at 15.00 Art Direction and Copywriting (NAPOLE)

To participate, register for the event at the link, or by clicking HERE.


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