Interview with Spacon & X, the Danish design studio

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Malene White she is calm, elegant and also very young. She is a mother – unexpectedly a mother, considering her age – and she has her fingers in it design and in fashion. We meet her around a table that she herself, together with her partners, first designed and then built. We’re in the dining room in one of the flagship kitchens in Copenhagen: POPL. Yes, the interior of the gourmet fast food restaurant no but (the best restaurant in the world in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2021 according to the magazine The World’s 50 Best Restaurants Restaurant) carry the signature of a creative studio directed by eclectic thirty-somethings: Spacon and X, a respected name in Denmark and abroad. The project, founded by the architects Nikoline Dyrup Carlsen And Svend Jacob Pedersen in 2014, it is still active, and it has actually grown over the years, and it has opened up the world of catering, fashion, culture, so that it boasts international collaborations and publications. Every day, Nikoline’s architectural competencies are intertwined with Malene’s fashion knowledge and Svend’s multifaceted ideas from the field of scenography. “The dynamics between our different backgrounds have shaped the project and created a kind of spatial identity agency,” said Svend Jacob Pedersen. “Structurally, we have chosen to work differently from conventional architectural firms. For example, we decided from the beginning to reject any participation in competitions because it seemed to us that this approach distanced between architects and designers from the builders. On the contrary. For the dialogue with the user is important to us. Thus, we have built close relationships that make each project stronger than the previous one “.

Thomas Meyer

Simon Heger Knudsen

For Spacon & X is not just architecture. “We have hired experienced engineers, art directors, anthropologists, sculptors and economists to keep a fresh and alternative perspective on all projects. This daily attitude lets us challenge Map and achieve more unexpected things than expected. The creatives who dreamed big worked face to face with Wood Wood – “for which we have built several retail outlets, their offices and some temporary exhibition projects”; with Noma actually bringing life to the satellite spaces of POPL e HARTbageri; and with IKEA. “Our collaboration with the furniture giant IKEA has taken place on several scales, right from the conceptualization of The future of IKEA to the establishment of their research laboratory RUM10. Thus, we challenged the traditional way of thinking in the company, “says Nikoline Dyrup Carlsen. A collaboration that is still alive today. Together with the world signature of pop furniture, Spacon and X are carrying out two large-scale projects, which will be exhibited at the H22 trade fair in Helsingborg, Sweden. But if you return to the city of Copenhagen, the study is also a faithful point of departure for the institutions of the Danish cultural scene. It is, after all, one of the pencils working on the new Design Museum Denmark of which we will see the final result in June with a planned inauguration after the renovation. “Design Museum Denmark chose in 2019 to close its doors and dedicate itself to a major redevelopment to secure the future of the historic building. The reopening of the museum is part of the manifestation of the Danish design heritage. Through a close dialogue we have, among other things. sought to explore the meeting and the contrast between the classical and the contemporary “, added Nikoline Dyrup Carlsen. disruplomati. Throughout the process of rethinking the Palace of Culture, the interdisciplinary study has involved a number of different ways of working with design, or rather with a timeless, established institution; he conceptualized an idea based on the versatility and multidisciplinarity of spaces, and welcomed any creative form. “Using this essential approach, we were able to create a humorous and emotional design beyond boundaries that inspired a sense of freedom.”

Stine Goya

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Courtesy Spacon & X

Empty for 2 years, yes, but not soulless. During this long period of rest, Designmuseum Danmark was behind the scenography AW22 fashion show of the Danish fashion brand Stine Goya – a show by Spacon & X. “For the event, we changed the digital media to respond to human interaction in the same way as natural elements, such as water, wind and fire. The result was a feedback loop. interactive between analog and digital”, told Malene Hvidt. And this is interesting. “From architecture to fashion, we explore the intersection of the real world and Web in many of our projects. Because after the extremely difficult pandemic period, we took the opportunity to elaborate on interdisciplinary stories. ”Behind Karoline, Svend and Malene is a laboratory that attracts creative freedom every day and it ranges with versatility the most imaginative areas of design art: fashion, design, architecture. “We are constantly striving to reinvent ourselves while preserving our values.”

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