Interior doors: the trends of 2022

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Interior doors: the trends of 2022

In this article, you will find out what are the 2022 trends in the interior door world so that you can decorate your home while always following the news about home decor.

2022 design trends for interior doors

Interior doors are a basic piece of furniture because they frame and complete the style of a house and create continuity and aesthetics. Therefore, the choice of an interior door is important: it must be in accordance with the design of each room, which is not at all simple! If you want to follow the trends, the mission becomes even more complex, so we give you a guide to find out which models, precise designs, colors and materials focus on this year’s trends and try to combine practicality, sustainability and elegance.

Double-leaf sliding doors

design trends 2022 double door absolute evo hermetics

Whether you want a modern style or a classic style for your home, it can classic sliding door or flush with the wall will always remain a perfect expression of these beautiful interior designs. Even more spectacular if it consists of width: We are talking about double-leaf doors, timeless and fascinating as well as original.
A perfect solution for those who want to manage space without creating too significant subdivisions. They are often chosen to create continuity between living room and kitchen or between two bedrooms that you want to communicate. They lend themselves to giving each room a wow effect, originality and character.
These refined doors create a prestigious impression in a home like the Absolute Evo from Ermetika, versatile and multifunctional. It enlarges and enriches the space based on the color and material, in fact, the main feature of these doors is the space saving as well as the naturalness of the style, oriented to the maximum possibility of customization.

Full-height doors align with the wall

design trends bring full height

Even full-height doors adapt to any style and environment, from the home to the professional. These products are synonymous with minimalism, one of the keywords in the new trends. The modernity and essentials that these products provide make the environment aesthetic and practical. For example, Absolute Swing from Ermetika, the flush-to-the-wall hinged system, allows you to model the room: if the ceiling in a room is low, the door will be able to give an opening effect and will give greater width to the walls that connect them all spaces through brightness and harmony.
In addition, these doors allow you to create continuity with the wall that does not stop but merges completely with the invisible door. In fact, it can have the same color as the wall for a hidden effect, ideal for walk-in closets or en-suite bathrooms.
It is possible to create a scenographic effect, however simple and discreet, which provides space for graphics and decorations, but always with the intention of hiding a passage.

Trendy colors 2022

door trends 2022 colors

The color is also trendy! It plays a crucial role in home decor because it can define the entire design of your home.
Neutral colors are the champions of 2022; a coherent line that never breaks. Always fashionable and timeless, can be adapted to any type of style, from classic to modern, making the environment comfortable.
To be considered delicate shades that refer to nature, such as forest green, light gray, ocher and white. However, darker shades like black and brown are also in trend. Such colors are able to create a nice contrast to the rest of the room. Depending on the desired result, it is also possible to choose lighter or darker shades.
For bolder plans, consider emerald green, sea blue, coral and even this year’s pantone color Very Peri, a light periwinkle blue with red undertone. More suggestive colors that will make the difference so you can express your style and personality without limitations with an extra touch of color.

Trendy materials 2022

trends 2022 door materials

Natural and sustainable materials are the favorites for the construction of interior doors. Today, there is more and more attention being paid to protecting the planet, and the 2022 trends also reflect this ideology. Therefore, recycled materials are also preferred in the decor.
Must-have is definitely wood, a material that adapts to any kind of style and provides warmth and comfort to the rooms. A symbol of quality and durability, wood represents the most eco-sustainable choice among the various materials.
Other options include glass and metal, though only for decorative elements in an interior door. They can make a difference and make the environment more aesthetically pleasing and contemporary.

In short, there are plenty of choices between colors, materials and designs to get interior doors completely in line with this year’s new trends!

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