Interior design 2022: April 5 trends

For those looking for ideas and decoration solutions for furnish housing in 2022, it is a good starting point to have a synthesized vision for the work of architects and interior designers. We collect proposals and trends originated in the decor, but also, more simply, pieces that bring an interesting decorative touch to the space of the house. Not just for anyone who thinks renewbut also for those who are just looking for ideas for one spring restyling.

Pattern upon pattern

Among the trends of recent seasons are maximalismwith examples of houses where pattern And decorative objects they fill the rooms like fireworks do on summer nights. But the chaos effect is always around the corner. But there is a fairly simple decorative formula to bring that feeling of fullness, without slipping into confusion: overlapping patterns. Perhaps the most agile example is the wall clad wallpaper to which one hangs frame with an extra texture. This two-level effect can also be achieved with i substances, maybe a sofa. Another level where you can try to suggest overlapping patterns is flooring, where you can enter blankets with decorations reminiscent of the finishes on the ground, as well as overlapping between them.

Photo by Romain Ricar

Mirror trays

That mirror we are used to seeing him on the walls of the house, both for his sake functionality, both for its decorative value. Like many of the objects we are used to seeing in our homes, sometimes a small change of perspective is enough to give a sense of novelty. For the mirror twist it might be seeing it on a plane horizontal rather than vertically. An easy purpose to achieve this effect is mirror traybetter if placed on a low table, to be enriched with objects that reflect their shapes or even with luminous bodies.

Photo by Gionata Xerra

Kitchens in blue

In the development of the home into a living environment, there is one color that helps the kitchen in this process: blue. ONE chromatic selection which gives an immediate sense of decoration and replaces materials and colors that are more usual, therefore also discounted, in this space. And if there are definitely examples that focus on other colors, it blue is perhaps the most popular choice, in the many variations of nuance available because it can be easily combined. Moreover, it is certainly not too flashy, especially in most shades darkbut able to be noticed and give that feeling of surprise back in an environment like the kitchen.

Terrace at home

The warm season brings attention to the terraces of the house, above all on the desire to live and make these spaces habitable, large and small. Admittedly, it is a space devoted to the care of plants, but which increasingly plant they become a decorative element in the home, in the same way you can take furniture and accessories out to transform the outdoor space. This trend also stems from the technical research of the sector: on the one hand substances And materials designed to withstand the outside, on the other hand, new technologies that provide new forms and opportunities inform the terraces and open spaces in general. There are three main ideas to achieve this effect: sofas, armchairs or at least pillows for an outdoor living room, lighting with suspensions, floor lamps And wireless lampshade and hang framework as if it were, just in a living room.

Photo by Laura Fantacuzzi and Maxime Galati-Fourcade

The chandelier in the kitchen

It was once only associated with cabins, and it may still be: but one chandelier today it also looks good kitchen. Perhaps precisely because this home environment is increasingly becoming a room to live and share with family, guests and friends. In this light, this piece of furniture is the fastest way to add a fort decorative effect to this room in one fell swoop. The choice of shapes and materials can confirm the style of the room, or it can be guided by the desire to introduce a touch of color to complete the room color palette base, or to insert one a piece of furniture you can expect in a living room. A way to make the kitchen an environment to live in and not just a service room.


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