Industrial automation, FANUC: internship in a company and scholarships for students. The future belongs to the young.

FANUC supports and supports the school world and the students with concrete initiatives that are open to all, with the aim of bridging the lack of competence, consolidating the school-work synergy and strengthening the country system by injecting young talents into the production.

Italy is a country with a strong production vocation, and this industry is undergoing an epoch transformation. Technological innovation, increasingly connected devices and objects (Internet of Things), data to be processed and analyzed to produce better, automation of production processes, awareness of environmental sustainability and staff well-being: working in the industrial world today is deeply attractive for a young man. And the demand for qualified professional profiles is very high: so high that the supply is unfortunately not always able to cover it. That of lack of skills it is a real difficulty that requires the attention of institutions, schools and the world of work to work together to outline a favorable situation for all parties involved.

One of the aspects that needs to be focused on is consolidating the synergy between school and business, because “The new generations today will lead the future of the companies of the future”: Marco Delaini, CEO of FANUC Italia, remembers this. leader in industrial automation with 271 departments in 109 countries worldwide, manufacturer of robots, numerical controllers, intelligent machines and IoT systems for industry.

Reliability, efficiency and innovation are characteristics that have characterized FANUC products for more than 60 years. “But without the right people to design and make things work, even the best automation solutions can not achieve the desired results,” Delaini continues. “If robots and machines take on the tedious, repetitive and dangerous work, it requires ingenious brains behind them to make them work as well as possible. Professional figures ready to embrace change and the future, who are already here among us, asking for contributions from young talents to flourish and succeed.

Investing in the new generations is one of FANUC’s key principles. “We are a company that creates solutions for automation of production processes, certainly our focus is on the world of industry, but it goes hand in hand with the implementation of initiatives dedicated to students and teachers”.

Words that FANUC has already put into practice. For several years, the Italian-based company in Lainate (MI) has been a participating member of the ITS Lombardia Mechatronics Foundation and has made its technological know-how and skills of the FANUC Academy teachers available to the higher technical institutes. made education, with the possibility of internship in the company. In order to support the most deserving students, FANUC also provides scholarships to support young students’ educational path. “The ‘good school’ is a valuable legacy that must be supported and stimulated to continue to do well. This investment in the future is valid both for young people who receive concrete help that rewards their will, as well as for companies that can enter into constructive synergy with students’ motivation and passion, ”emphasizes Marco Delaini.

FANUC Italy’s headquarters in Lainate are always open to schools, which in fact often visit the 1,000-meter showroom to see and test the robots, CNCs and machines found in factories around the world. At the Academy’s desks, students can learn all the secrets of industrial automation directly from FANUC’s automation experts, and school teachers can attend refresher courses to enrich their skills, which are then passed on to students.

FANUC has also developed IoT-ready “Educational” packages that make the cutting-edge technology in FANUC robotic and automation solutions available to students and teachers. These are mobile workstations overcome by collaborative robot CRX or by anthropomorphic robot LR-Mate, aimed at knowledge and learning of robot programming; a CNC simulator for learning FANUC 0 numerical controlsthat-F Plus for milling and turning; and a cell with FANUC ROBODRILL CNC machining center and CRX machining robot for the purpose of knowing and programming a CNC machining center, integrating servo robots, creating machine programs and calibrating their functions.

“Colleges and university laboratories can access these automation packages by taking advantage of the benefits of the MISE. This gives students the opportunity to gain direct experience with the technology they will find in the companies where they will be working in the future. Young people wants to know and measure themselves by what they have learned at school desks and textbooks, and the world of the manufacturing industry is hungry for young talents and professionals who are proactively able to support change and digital transformation of productive activities.FANUC intends to continue its efforts to act as a meeting point between school, industry and technological innovation “.

FANUC participates in the Didacta 2022 trade fair, from 20 to 22 May in Florence at Fortezza da Basso (Pad. Spadolini Terra – Stand T52).

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