In Trieste, the new Mittelcult Center, Palazzo della Cultura Mitteleuropea, is inaugurated

An ambitious project, but of great historical and cultural value: the return to the city of the prestigious Palazzo Eintracht in via del Coroneo 15, former seat of the Germanic Cultural Center, through the creation of the Mittelcult Cultural Center, which aims to become an education and performance center for art for young people and not only, with the realization of shows in its large halls, which will be named after important personalities in the cultural history of Trieste and the organization of exhibitions and concerts.

The presentation took place today at the headquarters of the newly established Center, and on that occasion, the first two important initiatives were also presented: Trieste Teatro Sport Festival, scheduled from 12 to 14 May and RdB 100 musical review, from 19. to June 26, dedicated to the centenary of the birth of Raffaello de Banfield, to which a charitable Grand Gala will be dedicated on the eve of the anniversary.

The first edition of the Trieste Teatro Sport Festival, held from 12 to 14 May in the halls of Palazzo Mittelcult, will feature three days of theater performances, sports-themed poetry competitions, book presentations (with guests the playwright and author Giuseppe Manfridi presenting his book ” Among the forests – Dino Zoff’s taciturn flights “(TEA, 2022) and Sergio Mari, actor and former football player, author of” Racconti “(Edizioni Gutenberg, 2017), a conference on the subject – which will have as speakers the authors Elena Marinelli, Giuseppe Manfridi and Sergio Mari and the program director of the Rai department of Fvg, Mario Mirasola – and a youth tournament dedicated to Ferruccio Valcareggi, the coach of the Italian national team in the famous match Italy – Germany 4 to 3 – also at the center of a few theater performances – with the purpose of revealing the existing connection between theater and sport.The tournament enjoys the patronage of FIGC, who for the occasion has also decided to donate 20 120 year old balls.

The organization of the festival is by the actor and writer Andrea Mitri, a former football player from Triestina and Monza in the 1980s.

On May 9 (the anniversary of Pietro Garinei’s death), a room in the new Palazzo Mittelcult Cultural Center will be named after him. The presence of his brother, the famous actor Enzo Garinei is expected.

The RdB 100 review, Raffaello de Banfield, will be dedicated to another key figure in Trieste’s cultural and entrepreneurial history. The project intends to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of a cultural man, polyglot, composer and former president of what was once the Tripcovich group, the protagonist of Trieste’s recent history on several fronts, from the economic – with splendor first and saw the collapse of the Tripcovich Empire – to the artistic.

The review will be divided into the performance of four concerts and an opera, for which an exhibition and a conference will serve as a consequence: The central moment of the celebration will be the charity gala on June 1 with the representation of “Colloquio con il Tango” in chamber version with soprano Jadranka Jovanović, former member of the Serbian parliament, directed by Tommaso Tuzzoli, scenery by Pier Paolo Bisleri and costumes by the well-known Nicoletta Ercole. Finally, there will be a big festive toast for the birthday of “Falello” – as Raffaello de Banfield was affectionately called – which falls on June 2nd. Renowned soprano Raina Kabaivanska is also expected among the conference guests.

The profits from the gala evening, where it will be mandatory to wear tuxedos for the sake of the elegance of the celebrants, will be donated to the Banfield Association. Reservations at Corso Italia Ticket Point.

The concerts will consist of two Lieder Abends composed by de Banfield himself, with the winners of the SOI Fiorenza Cedolin’s Competition as interpreters: soprano Gaja Pellizzari on May 26, in duo with Alessandro Del Gobbo at 18:00 and the Japanese soprano Sumika Kanazawa, May 28 at 17:00. The festival continues on June 17 at. 20.30 with the Balkcanikaos show and ends on June 18 with the Tanghi Argentini accordion concerto “Mi Pasion” with Sylvia Pagni. Finally, on June 19, at the end of the competition, the awarding of the best and best skipper at the G. de Banfield Junior Regatta will take place in the Adriatic Yacht Club.

MIittelcult Palace’s venues will also host an exhibition and on 13 June a roundtable discussion on the Banfield and Trieste and the ‘900 musical, which will feature Gianni Gori, Rino Alessi and Raina Kabaivanska as speakers.

“We return to the city the Germanic Cultural Center, built by the Germanic community in Trieste in 1903 in the Palazzo Eintracht in via Coroneo – explained Alessandro Gilleri – and recall the agreement signed by the Golden Show Srl – Social Enterprise of Trieste with Cultural Association Schiller, which allowed the reopening of the Beethoven Hall in via Coroneo 17 in Trieste, Tuesday 27 October 2020, on the occasion of the Austrian National Day, with a recital by pianist Sebastiano Gubian dal Neve: “the sound of silence”.

“The palace houses a concert hall and a theater room with 250 seats called Beethoven Hall on the second floor and on the ground floor it consists of five rooms of a total of 500 square meters, where we will activate a varied training activity”.

“Every room – continues the creator of the project – will be dedicated to a famous character of the Trieste culture: Raffaello de Banfield, Alexander Moissi, Carpinteri and Faraguna (which is to the tradition of the Istrian comedy that Garinei and Giovannini are for the Italian musical comedy) and Pietro Garinei.

“It is our intention – continued Gilleri – to keep the Central European tradition alive while preserving the Italian character of the city through dedication to characters like Pietro Garinei, who was born in Trieste and renews the Italian music scene. From Trieste, representing a band that unites the Central European musical tradition with Italian music comedy, up to Broadway. “To Pietro Garinei – Gilleri remembers – my father was very attached when he directed the Verdi Theater, and I had the honor of also giving him an operetta prize on a memorable evening at the Hotel Riviera “. We have therefore decided to name the Hall and School of Acting, Singing and Dancing Accademia Garinei Mittelcult Trieste after Pietro Garinei, and thus commemorate both Pietro and his brother Enzo’s acting activity, which expects to be in Trieste on May 9 for to attend the ceremony, waiting to be able to present his new book in the city, which also represents a piece of Trieste’s history ”.

“The musical review of RdB 100 – continues Gilleri – intends to pay tribute to the centenary of the birth of Raffaello de Banfield Tripcovich, a character at the center of life and cultural and entrepreneurial history in Trieste and the region and a great cultural figure of the twentieth century in Trieste and onwards, who also wrote important pages in the history of the Assicurazioni Generalis.

The highlight will be the big gala on June 1 with the performance of the opera “Colloquio con il Tango”, whose profits go to the Banfield Association. Two Lieder Abends written by de Banfield himself will also be performed by the winners of the SOI di Fiorenza Cedolins competition, the RdB 100 prize will be awarded to the best skipper and one, in the name of Pinki Mosters de Banfields, to the best skipper of the Baron Banfield Trophy . As part of the 100th anniversary celebration – Gilleri adds – we will also organize an exhibition on “Falello” and a conference dedicated to him focusing on Trieste and 20th century music with famous guests such as Raina Kabaivanska “.
Our – concludes Gilleri – will also be activities focusing on sustainability, as evidenced by the zero-impact show “I Break Down and I’m Happy” by Mulino ed Arte.
“We begin this adventure as a cultural stimulus in the city and for the city, which remembers some of its most famous children (the Banfield, Garinei, Moissi, Carpinteri and Faraguna), because those who are not aware of their own history do not have any future “.

Below is the program in detail with the maps from the proposed shows and the biographies of the main characters.

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